Living the Dream

We are all Souls experiencing our own journey of self-discovery. What is the truth of our nature? What is our role in this story of humanity? To be able to know without a doubt the true nature of who we are gives us a a sense of peace and purpose. Every Soul is incarnated with a purpose in mind. With an idea of what this lifetime could provide. What it can provide in the sense of learning and understanding, and the opportunity to have experiences that grow our own understanding of the nature of our human condition.

The gift of this knowing provides an experience of an immense sense of freedom. A sense of belonging, right where you are, right now. And there is a sense of ease that comes into your life. When you know why you are here, and you are actually living it, there is a sense of deep satisfaction that follows. This is the foundation for finding a slice of Heaven in your everyday experiences. Heaven cannot exist today if you have placed it in your own future. In some later-day moment. Heaven was always designed to be lived in THIS day. Every day. You do not have to complete your journey to live in Heaven. In truth, it awaits your discovery of it, right now. Today. This day.

Your Dreams are the blueprint of what your life would look like if you had found Heaven in your every day experience. Trust that YOUR dream has a gift handpicked for YOU. A storyline crafted from the unconditional Love of your own Soul. To actually trust that, and then show up for that in action, brings a deep sense of fulfilment. You are the thing itself. Human Consciousness. There has never been a Soul more worthy of experiencing the kingdom of Heaven on Earth than YOU right now. Claim your place in it. Live your Truth. As Heaven on Earth.

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