the light inside your core


Chop the Wood, Carry the Water Life after Enlightenment Are you on a spiritual journey? Are you looking to evolve your own spirituality? Which way is Heaven? There is a notion, that once you “become” enlightened, that all of your worries fade away. The journey to enlightenment is not a creation. You do not add anything to yourself to “become” enlightened. You are enlightened now. We all are. I guess it could be said that the notion of “becoming enlightened” is the idea of your ego, becoming aware of the Light that has always been inside of you at your core. Perhaps to become enlightened is to become aware. The Light is and always has been at your core. There is still the laundry to do. Enlightenment doesn’t change that. When you discover the Light at your core, there are still the daily tasks that need to be done. Chop…