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Your own Personal Jesus Free at last! Jesus doesn’t want to save you. God is not “coming” either. You came here for the human experience. You CAME here of your own free will. You chose to have these experiences. God won’t “grant” you enlightenment. Even if you ask nicely. Well, OK, technically you are enlightened now. There is nothing to be added to you, to your psyche, that will give you enlightenment. The separation of your enlightened consciousness, and your ego, is what makes it seem like you are not enlightened right now. But, again, you chose to get where you are. You chose to load up your psyche with karma, to have this experience of separation. To not only load up your psyche with karma, but to also unload it of its karmic imprinting. Which, if you are reading this blog, is the part of the journey you are on…