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The Natural Cycles of Life … inhale … exhale … repeat Nature is never finished. You are that nature expressing (it/your)self. We are seeing the “first light.” That first glimpse of the New Human. For eons of time, humanity has been in a very repetitive cycle of sorts. Here on Planet Earth, humanity has loaded up its psyche with so much karmic imprinting. This karmic momentum has kept us in very small narratives. The tendency is that the more karma you have, the narrower your narrative. In a sense, our egos really like this. In the sense that everything is much more predictable, and therefore, “safer.” The unknown is just too big of a risk. The Divine Feminine IS the unknown. The undefined. The Divine Masculine is the known, the physical, the well-defined. We have lived within a gigantic ego overdose, you might say. Or perhaps, a testosterone overdose. And now the pendulum swings the…