The Dawn of a New Age Consciously creating Heaven on Earth The path is clear. Love is the-end game. Well, not really. We are here to create. To co-create with each other. And to co-create with Source consciousness. God/Goddess has made it quite clear that they will not descend from the Heavens and dictate our future to us. Indeed … God/Goddess are taking a hands-off approach. I mean, what else could they do? The design of all-that-is is quite exceptional. Unlimited personifications of Source-consciousness fulfilling their own desires, as the personification of the God/Goddess essence. If you have been to Heaven, you know there is no-thing there. Source consciousness. Non-duality. No dual anything. No here or there. No where or when. No polarity of any kind. No creation of any kind. Infinite potential, without form… What the hell? ??? Enter Duality. Enter form. Enter Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine. Enter YOU. We…