brand-new soul


The Only way Out … is In. Where you are going, you are already there. Perhaps we are on our “spiritual journey.” Where we have decided that we want to grow ourselves spiritually. We might think that that direction is always metaphorically “up.” To ascend into Heaven. But wait a minute. “Grow ourselves spiritually?” Wouldn’t that, metaphorically, be down? So, what if we were brand-new Souls? Never having ever had a physical experience. Never having incarnated anywhere or any when. In a way, we have already arrived. In other words, perhaps the spiritual journey is into the darkness. Perhaps it is into the shadow. In a sense, the moment we were born, as a brand-new Soul, we have already arrived at the end of the journey. As a brand new Soul, we had no karma loaded up in our psyche. We were squeaky clean. We had no one to forgive.…