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We are all hardwired for the evolution of our own consciousness, and Les Jensen is committed to helping you move forward on the path to your own evolution. Les is excited to launch an ongoing series of FREE online teleseminars based upon core human attributes, providing you with a groundwork of essential building blocks to help you more fully awaken to your higher wisdom, enlightened consciousness, unconditional love and the vast ocean of peace present within you now.

From love, awakening and karma, to the ego, mind and emotions, you’ll learn how these, and other attributes, relate directly to you and your personal power, and how you can achieve more of it every single day of your life. You’ll also gain a better understanding of how all of this directly relates to your personal relationships, career, happiness, human potential, and your soul’s journey that you are meant to live out during this lifetime.

Les Jensen, founder of New Human Living and host of these online teleseminar classes, has been teaching these core principles as part of his own life’s work, and soul’s journey. You can learn more about him at

Les is also host of the weekly New Human Living radio show, where he has interviewed hundreds of leading experts in the fields of consciousness, awakening, and enlightenment, cutting to the core of things that matter regarding your personal power and Divine potential.

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Upcoming Teleseminars

Next class: Introduction to Everyday Karma, with host, Les Jensen

Karma is perhaps the most important attribute of our human demeanor. It decides everything about us, until we learn how to master it. For myself (Les Jensen), karma dictated the first few decades of my life without my even knowing it was there. Once I got a glimpse of it, it changed my life forever.

Take the time to really understand the many faces of karma … to master your life, and to master your immense human potential. In this class we will look at the fundamental mechanisms of how karma affects our lives. And you’ll learn some practical, basic tools to turn your karma around … now!

Join us? This one-hour event is being held on September 13, 2017 at 4 PM U.S. Mountain time. (Find out your local time  here.)
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