New Human Living® Pure Authentic YOU! 

New Human Living is a platform for personal growth. A school of enlightenment. A process for the embodiment of your Soul. A path to Awakening.

Pure Authentic YOU!

If you are looking to improve your life… there are core aspects of every human that has influence on your ability to create what you want.

Regardless of if you are doing it to … enlighten, advance in your profession career, improve your health/relationships/happiness/love … you will want to improve the vehicle that this is all riding on.

We focus of four prominent realms of who you are.


To create growth in your spiritual attributes will often bring a deep sense of peace in your life. A bigger understanding of who you really are. And typically your life purpose can expand too. The spiritual aspect of you is really the original you.


You are not your mind. You did not have an ego the day you were born. To create growth in your mental attributes brings the ability to focus. It brings an awareness of your thoughts. A deeper sense of mindfulness. It cleanses the subconscious thought patterns/habits /beliefs that are operating below you mental awareness. Ultimately, as you heal and teach your ego, your mind learns the immense value in honoring the wisdom of your Soul. Since your Soul created your life purpose, this can bring a very profound sense  of fulfillment and satisfaction in your everyday life.


To create growth in your emotional attributes can bring a clearer sense of what your emotions are telling you as you go throughout your day. There is a resolution of unattended emotions from your past. That have created a karmic propensity when it comes to prominent emotions in your life.


This, of course, is your body. To release and cleanse the unresolved mental, emotional and spiritual karmic imprinting gives your body a vibrant energy environment in which to exist. You tend to have more energy. Deal with stress much better. And have a very strong tendency to live a much more healthy life.

If you are seeking to truly understand your potential, then it would serve you well to develop a regular program to growth these four key aspects of your personal energy persona.

New Human Living is about you awakening to your own authentic potential. All of us have more to discover within ourselves. New Human Living helps you focus on bringing your own authentic power into effect in your everyday life. Benefits of this power include:

  • Reduce confusion and stress
  • Gain an improved mental focus
  • Expand and fulfill your life purpose
  • Receive clarity on your life dreams
  • Understand and cleanse your karma
  • Feel a genuine sense of peace every day
  • Perform at the level your soul knows you can
  • Raise your vibration and increase your inspiration

When you develop a deeper connection with your intuition and sense of self, you can trust that your life will begin to bring a deeper and more genuine sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

When you honor your potential and take actions on your inspiration, you grow who you are, every single day, bringing a sense of your own life being fulfilled. To purify your own personal energy, you align yourself with your own higher wisdom, connecting with your soul’s vision of what your life can truly be.

A deeper discussion about the principles ...

Your ego alone can not touch the immense power of your heart and soul. The founder, Les Jensen, discuss the New Human Living principles. Listen in.

Where do I start?

The road to be able to embody the highest potentials of who you really are, starts with cleansing your own persona karma. Personal Power Fundamentals was written as a fresh look at just what karma is. And,perhaps more important, what we can do to actually change our karma. Learn More.

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