Forgiven Sinner

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Humanity has prayed for the end of suffering for generations. And yet, it still exists today on this planet. There must be something that is not quite right. With all of the saviors of all the world’s religions, having each come to Earth and having each fulfilled their individual calling, why is it that there is still suffering on this planet? Is it that the saviors didn’t teach us all the right messages? Is it that we, the followers, didn’t actually learn the lessons? What is it going to take to actually end the suffering and bring us our salvation? If the saviors are here to save us, what then are the missing elements to actually being saved?

There must be a way to our salvation. There must be a way for our prayers to be answered. If God is holding the answers, where is our role in the salvation of humanity? What did the saviors know that perhaps we have missed? What is our own personal role in fulfilling the saviors’ teachings?

In his latest book, author Les Jensen takes a closer, and compelling, look at the role of the savior. And how we, the seekers, can fulfill our part. There is a path to the salvation of humanity. There is a role for you to play out in this lifetime of yours. How can we come to terms with our sins and actually fulfill the dreams of our ancestors? Bringing Heaven back to Earth. When we have truly learned the teachings of the saviors, we will be saved. What is your part in it all?

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