Do you desire to grow Yourself? Do you get the feeling that there is more of You to discover? Les Jensen believes that we are all, indeed, infinite potential personified. Let Les help You bring Your potentials more fully into Your life, and into the world!

Are You ready to …

  • Grow into the next best version of You?
  • Evolve out of struggle or doubt into surrender and trust?
  • Raise your consciousness and energy levels?
  • Embody a deeper sense of Peace, Joy, Happiness and Love?
  • More deeply fulfill Your life purpose and Soul’s vision for Your life?
  • Embrace and actualize what you were put on this Earth to do?

As my Client, You will learn how to …

  • No longer blame others, and take complete ownership of your life and conditions.
  • Do the work and commit to Your process of self-growth.
  • Live life more authentically, and purely … Pure Authentic You!
  • Experience more gratification in your personal and business relationships.
  • Gain / regain a sense of personal sovereignty in your life.
  • Fulfill the vision of Your Heart and Your Soul.

If the above resonates with You, then perhaps working with Les is just what you’ve been searching for! Les is committed to helping others discover the higher wisdom that we all have available within us. Working with high-power energy for over three decades, Les understands the ethereal nature of our higher consciousness. He has been able to raise his own consciousness through profound insights he has discovered throughout his life journey.

Whether it is a single session, or you choose to continue working with Les over time and delve deeper into Your own Divine potentials, coaching with Les can bring a deeper understanding of who You really are. And what You are here to do.

One-Time Session

We can focus on a specific intention, or several points of interest as time permits. Sessions are one hour. A recording of the session will be made available to you. Single session $180.

To Book Your Session with Les

Prior to your session, please follow this link and complete a brief questionnaire, which will help you set your intent, and get clear on your goals. This will also help Les personalize Your session just for You. Click here to schedule your appointment.


“I met Les Jensen while I was struggling with a personal issue that had reoccurred for as long as I could remember. Maybe he had seen my problem before or maybe it’s just a common problem, but somehow, Les ‘read me like a book’ and described precisely the self-sabotaging behaviors that had affected me my entire life. We discussed how I contributed to this issue and then Les described some exercises that would help me change my behavioral pattern. I have been following Les’ advice, and as a result, I am much stronger and feel that I am on a much more positive path. I would recommend his services to anyone interested in making positive changes in their life.” — Mickey


“My experience with Les is nearly beyond my capability to describe. A personal transformation that has completely changed how I handle my emotions. I am now in control of exactly how I feel. When Les explained his concept and how it applied to me I was skeptical as to how much it could really help me. I didn’t fully understand how it would work but I was intrigued enough and I trusted him enough to try what he said. What amazed me the most was how quickly BIG changes started to happen. It was immediate and permanent! I have a control over my life that I never had before and it’s continuing to improve. If there is a single person who has had an immediate and powerful life changing impact on me, it’s you my friend. You changed my life.” — Jason


“All I can say is that when you sit and speak with Les he gives off an aura of comfort and positive energy. Before I met with Les I had no idea what was going to happen, as a matter of fact I didn’t think much of anything was going to happen. After our conversation, a new perspective became clear in my mind and I began implementing meditation and body scans and began to notice a huge difference in my thoughts and a greater awareness in how my body feels. It is almost a daily cleansing that occurs. Les has truly assisted in the release of negative energy and thoughts that were inhibiting me from moving forward in various aspects of my life. Les, I truly do appreciate you and your services. Keep up the power of your work!” — Demetrios


“I really appreciated the quiet clarity with which Les speaks of his journey and the simple brilliance of his processes to help others discover and manage their Personal Energy Persona. His system has been very helpful to me. His understanding of how to work with one’s energy patterns and deepest subconscious emotions is just wonderful! Get his CDs, hear him speak in person, and engage him as a Personal Transformation Coach – you will be glad you did!” — Paul Hoyt, Author, Consultant, Speaker


Testimonial related to Les’ approach to personal transformation:

“In his book, Personal Power Fundamentals, Les Jensen offers a new, different, powerful view and understanding of how we interact with our world. He has refined the old-fashioned views of old ideas. For example, in Les’ view, ‘Karma’ is not something you are stuck with and cannot change, but rather, it is something you can completely control, and by doing so you can greatly improve your life. Your karma is effected by your own life experiences!


Les shares a new concept of ‘Personal Energy’ which I feel is much more straightforward and usable in daily life than deciphering stacks of psychology books. In fact, I feel that some of the examples in Personal Power Fundamentals are more relatable and understandable for the average person than many technical psychology or self-help books.


The underpinnings of your subconscious thoughts and how your subconscious ‘Energy’ affects your daily life, as explained by Les, are life-changing. It is one thing to understand the effects of subconscious energy, but it is another thing to do something about it! Les supplies the tools and insights to help you understand yourself, and to change your personal energy, so that you can be in control of your own life and better enjoy the life that you are living. This also improves others’ lives as well.


Les has diligently worked to define and explain ‘Personal Power’ and ‘Energy’ in ways that clearly coexist with any religions that I know of, as well as current views of psychology, in my humble opinion.


Les questions and redefines the current use of many words in the English lexicon, with new and more meaningful perspectives. I enjoyed many of the real-life analogies that bring these points home. I highly recommend that you check out Personal Power Fundamentals and Les Jensen’s new view of the world in which we live.”

— Eliot Case, CEO Panamax35