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Living Your Life in Joy

Feeling Joy all along the way There is a feeling that happens when we grow our sense of Self. You are living in a most exceptional time in our human story. The awakening of humanity itself. And that feeling can happen during every day of your life.

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What’s Held In Your Divine Escrow?

You are the Face of the Creator There is a rumor that God created the Heavens and the Earth. Certainly there was a whole galaxy of creation that allowed the Earth to form and then for the DNA to show up to create vehicles of expression. Your

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Integrity and Righteousness. Which Way Is the Right Road?

I mean … we ALL want to get to Heaven … Right? There is a very common mindset on this planet. A very established and old mindset of “right and wrong.” Indeed, it does have some merit to it. But then again … where did all these

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New Chapter, New Game

New Chapter, New Game We are entering a whole new paradigm There were so many centuries of the old-school living. The 3D world of our past. But now we are entering a whole new paradigm, in so many ways. There is a whole new “set of rules”

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Teach Your Ego, Know Happiness

Fear has no power of its own There is nothing to fear. But yet, we can live in fear. We can find ourselves worrying about everything that is going on. How can you find a place of happiness when the world itself might seem like it is

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Is there a Goddess in the House?

We need the Goddesses to lead the way. We have done the masculine thing, every flavor that there is, or so it seems. It is time now to to let go of the reins. To let go of the masculine flavor of control. And THAT can seem

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Giving Thanks

Taking the time to stop and appreciate who we are today Who are You? Why are You here? What are You here to be? Sometimes on our spiritual journey, we always have the future in our sights. Sure enough, that is a good way to be conscious

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We, the people, are the source of authentic power

When the Citizens heal (enlighten) the kingdom will thrive … every time So what is your idea of power? What does “powerful” mean to you? An army? A hurricane? Nuclear power? What is powerful? If you were to imagine the appearance of power, what would that be?

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Love Yourself Without Reason, Cause, or Expectation

Love is the path to your return to grace All of us are spot-on. We are perfect in our own right. The way(s) we choose IS our path. No matter what. You cannot choose wrong. You cannot fall from grace. No matter what your storyline is, you

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The Elephant in the Room

Finding the Divine Within We are all on a journey. Each one is unique. Yet the destination is always the same. Each and every one of us has a unique story. A unique purpose. There is a propensity to life. We, as humans, tend to live in

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