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Honoring You

Bringing your potential into effect

To consider the timeless nature of your authentic truth know that you, or rather, your soul, is a timeless BEing. Timeless. Eternal. You can’t break that. The little you, your ego, experiences an ever-changing sense of self, like a housefly doing aerobatic stunts at a air show. The more sentences we need to describe something, the more karmic propensity there is behind it, with karma being the propagation of a feeling, thought or belief. Karmic momentum.

Yet your own potential cannot be exhausted. Ever. You will always have another thought. Like this one. And here is another one. Eternal consciousness. Wow, how do you use THAT for effect? How do you get some leverage out of that for your everyday life? How do you give your timeless soul some dominion in your everyday life? We can live in our egos. That part has been mastered by the billions of people living life out on this planet. Indeed, the further we collectively travelled into the darkness, the more we moved into our egos. We finally set up camp there. Poured concrete. Built a life around it. Our egos have been collectively creating this common storyline. And the results have been so much suffering, pain and heartache.

Then along came you. To recognize the soul within you now is a huge step in bringing a better vision for your future into perspective. When you take the time to connect with your soul is to take time to create a better future. Connect with your soul? How the hell do you do that? Your soul has unconditional love for you. As such, it will not do anything that would bring fear into your experience. This hands the reins of your life to your ego. And your ego tugs and pulls on the reins trying to create a lasting sense of comfort, a lasting sense of control.

But to be a genuine Power Player, your ego could learn to trust your soul, which is something that isn’t always comfortable. Often our ego doesn’t want to try anything new, because new suggests a different outcome. And a different outcome means we don’t know the effect. We don’t know for sure if we will still have any control over what might happen. But as long as the ego holds the reins, we are not really honoring our true potential. It can be an interesting feat to shift our trust completely over to our soul.

So start small. Talk to your soul. Ask your soul for guidance. It can be easier to start with things that don’t have serious consequences. Like where to find a parking space. Or what dessert you would enjoy the best. When you toss out a question, and then be still and listen, you can get the guidance you are asking for. Don’t fret if it seems pointless, or if you do not get any clear response. Keep doing it. Your soul can insert thoughts into your consciousness, and that is the guidance itself. But the first times that happens, your ego can throw them out so damned fast, that you never get to consciously think them. When your ego is the guardian of your thoughts, you tend to stay in an arena of thinking that has kept you “safe.” But playing life safe and honoring your potential don’t play well together. Stay with it. Make it a habit to ask your soul for guidance, over and over again, because it will be so worth it.

As you learn to hear and trust the inspiration of your soul, and then ask it more powerful questions, your whole life starts to shift, and the vision of your life expands. When you get good at interacting with and trusting your soul, you start to follow choices that are much more powerful. And that is the doorway to honoring you. Pure authentic you. The big visions of what your life can be happen through your everyday thoughts and choices, followed by the actions your ego chooses to fulfil. When you can get your ego to trust your soul, you are on your way to being the change in the world. You are the one who brings the expanded vision of the future into your everyday choices and actions. And when you do that, you show by example how to live a most fulfilled life. Want to play BIG? Want to take BOLD actions? Do you want to honor your own potential? Don’t tell me … tell you!

Love You!


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