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Deal Me In

The Time Has Come You have been watching it happen from the day you were born. The process of creation happening. Right before your eyes. People taking inspired, intentional actions in their lives to make things happen. But, perhaps what was missing was that you didn’t know

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Dream your BEST Dream

It is your Soul, trying to inspire You. There was a plan for your life from the very beginning. What is the BEST dream you can Dream? What does it look like, when you see yourself actually living it out? You are on your way to the

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Is there a Goddess in the House?

We need the Goddesses to lead the way. We have done the masculine thing, every flavor that there is, or so it seems. It is time now to to let go of the reins. To let go of the masculine flavor of control. And THAT can seem

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Anchor Your Resolve

Creation takes ongoing intention There is a pacing to consciousness. The further we have gone into the darkness or shadow, the more disconnected we become from our power to create. When we chose to go so far into the darkness, we chose to disconnect from our most

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Don’t Let Go

Harvesting the fruits of our efforts We, the people, have reached a curious crossroad. On one end we are collectively emerging from eons of human struggle. So much struggle, suffering, domination and control. And yet on the other end of the spectrum, there are individuals who are

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Wrap A Big Vision Around it

What is Your Life Purpose? Honoring your power and your purpose. Who are you? Why are you here? What is your life purpose? What plans have you laid for its fulfillment? Don’t tell me, tellyou. You have so much potential inside of you now. I remember the

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