Near-Death Experiences: Afterlife Journeys and Revelations, with Jim Willis

July 3, 2024

Please join us and our guest, Jim Willis, for a show on Near-Death Experiences: Afterlife Journeys and Revelations, and enjoy a thought-provoking journey into an enigmatic phenomenon. Thousands, perhaps millions, of people have had near-death experiences (NDEs). What are they—a simple trick of the mind and body or something more? What are we to make of them, and do they tell us anything about religion or science or the possibility of an afterlife? Covering historical, scientific, religious, and cultural aspects of these unusual episodes, Near-Death Experiences (Visible Ink Press) looks at different interpretations of NDEs: The Scientific—What neuroscience, medicine, and biology have to say about what happens at the brink of death; The Religious—What NDE-like experiences found in the Bible, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, the Talmud, the Quran, and other religious tracts tell us; Historic and Personal—What folklore and personal stories reveal about this alternate consciousness that occurs during a life-threatening situation; and The Metaphysical—Possible answers involving quantum reality, parallel universes, and the subconscious.

Jim Willis earned his master’s degree in theology from Andover Newton Theological School, and he has been an ordained minister for over 40 years. He has also taught college courses in comparative religion and cross-cultural studies. His background in theology and education led to his writing more than 20 books on history, religion, the apocalypse, cross-cultural spirituality, and the mysteries of the unknown. His books include Censoring God; Ancient Gods, Hidden History; and American Cults. He lives in the woods of South Carolina. Visit

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