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Your Heart Holds the Key

Living the Life that You Love

Never was there a moment that you didn’t hold the key. The key to living your Dreams coming true. The only difference is whether your Heart was pure, and whether your personal energy was in alignment with Unconditional Love. These are easy words, but to walk the talk takes considerable efforts.

Your essence, or truth, is that you are God incarnate. Period. But in order to actually have an effect with that truth you have to be in alignment with that truth. And that is where the Dance of Life comes into play. Who you are now, and what your life experience is in this moment, is perfect. No matter where that actually is. The truth lies within you now. The Father and I are One … now. In order to tap that truth, is to take a journey of cleansing and purifying your own personal energy persona. The Kingdom awaits you.

The everyday experience of a king, president, or prime minister is that of one man or woman. But the total potential of our Human truth is that of everyone being able to fulfill the inspiration of THEIR Soul. Which would mean YOUR Soul too. We all have a Vision in escrow, awaiting our belief that it is possible for us to attain. Once we can genuinely believe that our Dreams were handpicked, just for US, and that the way for them to come true is all planned out … then we can just show up for the Journey itself, and we can truly find Heaven today. Heaven on Earth today.

Start by noticing those people who can show up for you, as you are now. Who is in your sphere of gratitude? Those people who support the vision of your life right now. Who love to get an update on what you’re thinking about and what you are taking actions on now. And for those people who are genuinely interested, be sure to listen to their hopes and dreams too. That resonance, that connection, is the space that is referred to in the quote, “where two or more have gathered, I am also there.”

Trust in Your Dream. Spend the time to clarify it in your thoughts and feelings. You will feel excited about it when you are in resonance with it. Live there.

Love and Light,


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