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Untethered Soul

How Bold dare you follow your own inspiration? How Big dare you Act on your Dreams? Who are you to embody a vision so big? We are all Souls, personified in our own personalities. Each unique. Each genuine and divine. No karmic errors. We are all in perfect form. Living in personal liberty. So what script are you following? What is the monologue in your head or your heart conspiring to do? Where is the root of Your inspiration?

To be able to Embody our Soul, untethered … is to be able to dream up any script for ourselves, and engage it as the storyline of our life. Fulfilling it with action and enjoyment. To let go of any particular idea of what it was supposed to look like, and just keep stepping, in harmony, with your Soul. How dare you dream big? How bold are your actions? To hold the idea our own Soul feeds us, without a critical thought to follow. From a place of innocence, is to seed the dream itself. To step from your most authentic space. To energetically hold the pure vibration of your dream come true. And the universe aligns itself with the seed vibration, based on how exclusive it is in your personal energy persona. And brings it into creation as a mirror of You. Get clear there, on that inner canvas, and anything becomes possible.

Ready to play BIG?

Love and Light,



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