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Travelling Through Time

The vehicle of all change

We are all on a journey through time. Our soul has chosen this lifetime for a particular reason. We all have our own unique lessons to learn in this journey through our life. To take a step back and observe our life through the vantage point of our soul is to understand why our life has taken the course that it has.

We are at a transition point for humanity. We are collectively going through such a transformation of human consciousness right now, that we are in uncharted territory. But do not worry, for there is a path just for you. When we take a look back through our life we can see the struggles and difficulties that we have encountered. It is the karmic wake of our past. Yet we all have abundance, prosperity and opulence held in escrow for us, for it is inherent in our truth. Our truth is always present, held deep within us. It is our original self.

Our soul chose to enter the darkness. We all collectively chose this journey. We are all coming out of the dark ages of sorts, with untold wars and suffering. So many generations have existed in such darkness. But now we are ascending. We are returning to our truth to that place of Heaven within us now. We all hold the seeds to Heaven on Earth as our most fundamental truth.

As we are travelling through time as you read this, there is an opportunity for acceleration. We can bring Heaven even closer to Earth today. For today is the only day ever that we can experience Heaven on Earth. What we do today will set up a new possibility for tomorrow as well. To take the time to master today is to change the course of our entire future really.

Enjoy today. That will get you into practice for enjoying tomorrow too. What aspects of today are awaiting your enjoyment? Is it the item on the menu at lunch today? Or the sound of the birds that you hear? What about that favorite song playing on the radio? Will you sing along? When you choose those things that you enjoy, you are choosing the parts of Heaven that exist in your environment. When you honor what you truly want, you are moving into alignment with that slice of Heaven within the core of your own BEing.

Practice doing what you love today, choosing those things that honor and grow who you are. You have untold wealth written into the DNA of your being. Take the time in this moment to be aware of what makes you happy. And remember that nobody can change your happiness without your approval. Practice makes perfect.

When you honor your purpose and follow your passion, you are fulfilling the vision of your soul. There is an immense sense of satisfaction that can be experienced today and every day when that becomes a habit. You have a gift, which is You just BEing You. Honor that and you will find the doorway to your own Heaven on Earth.

Love You, I do.


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