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The Profane becomes Sacred… again

You are the Light and the Shadow

So often we are judged by our deeds. There are so many dialogs these days in social media drawing a posturing among the “saints” an the “sinners.” Those that are behaving in “evil” ways and those that are adhering to their own understanding of what is “right.”

Well, behaving “right” should get you off the hook. It is like insurance that you will be found to be innocent of any “wrong doing.” In the religion in which I was raised, paying our tithing to the church was called fire insurance. With the idea that if we diligently paid our tithing to the church, we would be put on the “good” list and God would find favor on us come judgment day. A day when the righteous would be raised off of the earth, and it would be cleansed of evil with fire. Well, that’s the ticket. I mean, who doesn’t want to be saved from any fire and damnation? Where do I send the check? Does God take cash?

But the whole idea that only the righteous are found in favor of the Divine is most curious. What is the church going to do? Where is salvation purchased? Or is it that we were always forgiven. Always innocent. I mean, if the Father an I are One now … then when would there ever be a day when I wouldn’t have choice? Choice. Free agency. Personal sovereignty. Eternal damnation sounds like a villain’s folly. God doesn’t want to play our cards for us. Ever. Ask, and it is given. In other words, there isn’t a day when our own human nature is interrupted. For we are here to master the Human experience. Master the nature of our Human tendencies.

Perhaps Planet Earth is the most advanced school of Souls in our galaxy. For in such darkness, what kind of vision could possibly find the Light within us now? To be Human in these days of darkness, and yet know your truth, is the grand test of our human condition. To be on the edge of darkness, and yet still see the Light of truth within our Human nature is the thing itself. Source didn’t create this huge universe, only to cry “game over,” come cash in your chips. The idea of a judgment day doesn’t fit the countless times in our human history when our brutal human nature was not obstructed by any Divine beings.

I suggest it is because we are never removed from our truth, except through the perception of our own egos. It is our ego that is the brush on the canvas of our human expression. And our Soul is there with us (our egos) throughout our entire journey. The ageless story of the cycle of human expression. From the light of our truth, into the darkness. All the way into the darkness. To the very edge of life itself. Over the span of eons, billions of people on this planet have lived a life of deep pain, struggle and oppression. When we have collectively gone so far into the darkness that our truth isn’t portrayed by very many people at all. That the collective has found the darkest places in our human possibilities.

So what is it that will bring us back? What will the alarm clock be that ignites the spark of truth within our own Hearts? What will start the journey back into the light of our own truth? It will be the villain. Every single hero movie starts off by defining the villain, where the plot seems certain to slide into certain destruction. If there weren’t a “threat” there would be no need for a Hero. Since the truth of us knows no fear, we couldn’t have a hero’s journey with forgetting. Forgetting how powerful we truly are.

I suggest this is our moment of awakening. These days are the re-awakening for our journey back to the Light of our own Truth. It is in these moments of understanding that we realize that the villain is the alarm clock. And that it is through the profane actions of the darkness personified by the villain that compassion awakens our own Hearts. It is the brutal nature of the headlines that is the sacred signal to our Souls to start the journey back to the Light.

Do not be afraid. For you are eternal now. Only your ego can die. Human consciousness is so powerful that we will see, and are seeing, very powerful human beings stepping up to the plate. We are being called by the Light of our own Truth to see the mask of the shadow for what it is. A mask. A story that we have sold ourselves. Just a story of this chapter of our own mythology. Every single Soul makes it back to the Light. Including you. For the Truth cannot be destroyed by the illusion of Fear. Knowing this Truth is what will set you free. and it will give you the understanding in this moment that is needed to bring a sense of Peace within your Heart now. No matter the story, the truth of you cannot be destroyed. No folly of man has dominion over your truth. Be still and know. Love is all there is.

Both Light and Shadow are the Dance of Love ~ Rumi

Love You!


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