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The Power of YOU

You have the best seat in the house. For one of the grandest adventures of all time. What our planet and humanity are going through at this time is an incredible journey. The transformation of our human storyline includes going from the old story of vast monolithic structures to a totally new structure that much more resembles a honeycomb style. Currently we have huge monolithic systems for the most basic aspects of our lives. In so many ways, we have very few choices regarding electricity for our homes, gas for our cars, currencies for our economies. The basis of these systems do not involve many choices on our part. Yet each one represents such a fundamental aspect of how we live our everyday lives.

And when there are few choices, our collective karma is one of dis-empowerment. No choice, no power. Make no mistake … this transformation provides an opportunity of epic scale for those who seek to provide humanity with a new model of personal freedom, in order to build out a new model of our society and culture that provides many choices for every human on the planet. To set people free from the singular source of the basics of our everyday lives IS the calling of this chapter of our human story. From working on an individual level in fields like personal development, emotions and mental purification to creating huge external systems like new energy models, new economic systems and new transportation models. These arenas contain vast unfulfilled opportunities.

What is YOUR passion? On what scale are you bringing it about? Where does your service fit into this new paradigm? What aspects of this new paradigm do you get the most excited about? In truth, your Soul can operate at any level with which you feel comfortable. And feed your Mind/Ego the inspiration for it to happen at a level that is uncommon in the story of our past. Open up the vision of your own life and embody the big ideas within you now. For you are a limitless Soul living out a human experience. To live from the inspiration of your own Soul changes everything. It is your Mind/Ego that decides the baseline of engagement, as your Soul will not do anything that would elicit a fear response from your mind/ego. So YOU get to decide what this next chapter looks like.

When you get clear about who you are and the immense potential that exists in you now, a possibility for your future comes within reach. A most exciting time to live for both your Mind/Ego and your Soul. How BOLD dare you dream? Trust in YOUR part of this epic journey.

Love and Light,



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