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The Grace of Love

The Universe is One. There is no separation. All seeming divisions exist only in the minds of men and women. The real gift behind that is your own Personal Freedom. As you raise your consciousness, you are able to embody Love more completely. As Rumi has said:  “All opposites unite.” The profane becomes sacred again.

We are living on this beautiful planet during a time when Humanity is becoming more self-aware. Self-aware of our truth. The truth about who we are. The truth about our actual potential. The truth about our innocence. The truth about our Oneness as the Creator Incarnate. The God within you now. To raise your consciousness moves you into an ever-expanding arena of compassion for others. This is a most incredible journey. And the bulk of this change is happening in this lifetime. Your lifetime. To become aware of the immense shift in your human potential and then to engage it with the compassion of your Heart is to feel the flow of oh so much Love within and through your own BEing. Wow. I Love it!

So many people on the planet are so entrenched in fear. Fighting battles in their minds. Searching for peace and prosperity. Longing for a place of rest. The burden of Fear is so heavy at times. The feeling of separation can be too much to bear. Humanity is looking for its truth. A place of rest. A place of comfort that will last. But not only will we find it, we will rise out of the fear and into our Love. We will discover and then master the true nature of who we really are. As we become more able to embody Love for ourselves and all of Humanity, our Hearts gain the clarity of just what Heaven is. For the Kingdom of Heaven is within us now. Heaven is coming to Earth. It is already embodied by those who can live in unconditional Love. A Love that is beyond any act or thought. A Love that has no requirements. As more and more people become able to embody unconditional Love, Heaven will spread to cover the whole world. Heaven on Earth.

We were there once before. Heaven is our lasting home. Our most authentic truth. The timeless cycle of our Human experience is from the Light of Love into the shadow of Fear. And from the shadow of Fear, the return to the Light. This time the Love will feel so fantastic. The contrast of having felt fear so recently, and then find the Love again, will create an ecstatic euphoria within ourselves. The ability for us to embody this Love again, so completely, is the return of Grace. The wake of Love is Grace. An elegance of sorts. The place where freedom is whole and complete. A sense of Peace. To know the timeless nature of your Heart and Soul. A place of lasting Peace. When you understand the truth of who you really are, is to own the keys to the kingdom. To empower Your Love with a knowingness, a permission of sorts, that You are the one intended for the eternal act of Creation to flow through. As You. Your desires and your Dreams are the portal of the One Creator. To open up to the possibilities that present is to co-create with infinite possibilities for Heaven on Earth.

Are you tending to your consciousness? Are you cleansing the Karma of your past? Learning to quiet your mind? Nothing is required. Yet when your desire for it is followed with intention and attention, you open the gates to Heaven wider. Casting out any doubt. Trusting in your part in it all. Open your Heart and re-connect with the ocean of Love within your own BEing.

EnJoy THIS day of Your Journey. Love You!

Love and Light,


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