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Soul Contracts,Read the fine print


Soul Contracts … Read the fine print

Consider the many different types of Soul connections that exist. These are very general perspectives. If you observe two people you know who are connected by a Soul contract, look at their relationship. There are many variants in how these things play out. We could list many variations that are unique by themselves. Here is a basic overview of the nature of Soul contracts.

This is such a fundamental arrangement. The parent/child Soul contract is very deep. Parents teach their children every fundamental aspect of life. How to talk, and the language itself. They instill beliefs and values. They establish the sense of self-worth, good or bad.They share several decades of close bonding. Parents can have a contract to mislead or confuse a Soul. Or to challenge a Soul’s view of themselves. During these times of our culture, the media has reported such demented, perverted and abusive parent/child agreements. Some of the most powerful Souls in history were raised in very challenging arrangements. Forcing the child’s Soul to question everything about life. And then there have been extremely powerful Souls who came from households where they were only supported and loved. Life is curious in how it produces powerful Souls.

Siblings share a common bond. Yet history has shown how sibling Soul contracts can produce very connected and, also, very estranged relationships. This arrangement typically produces a common theme with the parent/child agreements, yet just like the boiling water softens the carrot yet hardens the egg, a sibling contract can produce very different outcomes from a common family environment. There is no absolute outcome here. Some siblings drift apart and don’t really stay connected later in life. Yet there are other examples where the sibling bond is a powerful and trusted connection.

“Chosen” by the human’s own arrangements. Souls whose contracts have them connected as friends here on Earth tend to have a sense of comfort to them that can be unique to this type of contract. The interesting thing here is that the “ego” takes part of the connection process. The previous examples are a connection that the ego doesn’t have any input on, as the ego’s motivation doesn’t show up til later in life. But a Soul contract to be friends has the ego’s “buy in”. This tends to have a human sense of resilience in a relationship, although a Friend contract can still have a difficult lesson associated with it. Betrayal and deceit among others. Friend contracts can easily last a lifetime. And form some of the deepest connections.

The Boss/Employee Soul contracts can take several forms. Often they produce a form of support and growth to an up-and-coming Soul, providing an opportunity to expand the resources of an individual Soul. Many great inventors got their minds expanded by first having an apprentice position in a company. For myself, my boss of over a decade tormented me on a daily basis. Over time, pushing me against my own subconscious until I broke … open. Yet, that very same environment put me in front of very high-power television transmitters for decades. Giving me an organic exposure to the nature of what “power” really is. If it were not for that exposure to TV transmitters, I couldn’t language the nature of our own human power very well. All of my writings have been affected by what I learned by working in television. Being able to put a simple western dialogue to the nature of human karma and power is a fundamental Soul contract I have in this lifetime. And yet that same contract had a very difficult and very personal struggle interwoven in with it.

Random Acts:
Seeming random acts can have a Soul contract associated with them. Every single event here on earth first forms as an energy. Everything that we see is the final step in the manifestation process. As the propensity of an event starts to form energetically, every Soul can decide its participation in it. 9/11 has so many stories about how so many Souls didn’t show up that day, because of an “unexpected” distraction that morning. Seemingly random events are still very calculated by every Soul that is involved in it. These larger events have a Soul’s buy-in with everyone who is affected.

Wow. Powerful contracts here. Pets are such powerful Souls for us humans. A pet can show up to help us through some of our most difficult lessons. Pets are masters at unconditional Love. Pets can heal and support us on so many levels. Oftentimes taking on our own baggage themselves. Many times a dis-ease in a human is taken on by his or her pet. Pets also have the ability to be totally detached to our human worries and concerns, affording us the ability to stay present in our everyday lives. And the Love from a Pet can heal us at such a deep level. Pets are definitely the heavy-hitters of partners in our Soul contracts. And even to very large groups of people. Horses are very powerful animals. Two Soul contracts that come to mind are of two horses. “Secretariat” and “Seabiscuit” are two horses that changed a nation. Both have had movies made about them. Check them out if you want to watch very powerful stories of the Animal Soul contracts played out on our human stage.

This arena of Soul contracts can touch us at such a deep level. Oftentimes in ways that no other Soul contract can. When we enter into a personal and intimate relationship, we are entering into being able to touch the whole arena of our Selves. The intimate nature of this type of Soul contract can move us at such a deeper level, that the possibilities of this arrangement surpass all others. All the typical lessons are here for sure. Yet the intimate part of this arrangement is where there is a connection of immense power associated with it too. In our human sexuality, we are given a portal to a very powerful arena of creation. Not only does this type of contract push us into our own deeper sense of self, it also opens and expands us too. When we feel exposed and vulnerable to our spouse or partner, we are given opportunities to heal at a a much deeper level. As we resolve these deeper aspects of ourselves, we open up new arenas of personal power too. And to come together as an intimate union of two Souls, the entire whole of creation comes into effect. In other words, in the intimacy of communion of two Souls, all opposites unite. As Rumi put it, “All that is profane, becomes sacred again.” The totality of creation resolves and the infinite possibilities of our potential become clearer in our own consciousness. To live in unconditional Love with another provides a doorway to the Light of Love. Complete and total communion. The root of all creation. Where all opposites unite. Very PowerFULL indeed. 😉

With all that said, there is still our ego. Many Soul contracts go unfulfilled, as the contract always defers to the human’s ego. We can ignore our contracts. And in the more powerful storylines of some contracts, the ego can become afraid and flee, or take a standoff position. For we all are very powerful Souls in a human body. Often the mind of the human is forefront in the decision-making process. It wants to know the outcome. It will ponder its own preferences and make choices based on what is observed in the moment. The moment only shows us the choices of the past. Often our Soul contract has a storyline that is not conceivable to our minds. And as such, many of us will avoid the most powerful choices based on the preferences of the ego. And so it is. We always have free will to play out our potential in any way we see fit. It is never “wrong” as much as it is just a lesson for us to learn. Be it in this lifetime or in another. To fully embody all of your Soul’s power, is to bring the Divine Power within you into physical form. Jesus pegged it. He transcended any sense of limitation … and so can You.

To take it further, here are a few books that delve deeper into the nature of our Souls. I suggest two authors in this topic. Brian Weiss MD and Michael Newton PhD. Dr. Weiss came into this field unexpectedly. He writes about trying to resolve a problem with one of his patients. Two of his book titles are, “Same Soul, Many Bodies” and “Many Lives, Many Masters“. And Newton wrote “Journey of Souls“. I really suggest you pay attention to the part in this book about Souls creating new life forms. It talks about the creation process. The whole GMO and genetic engineering part of “science” is totally missing the total process of creation as it was intended by the universe. As such, they will do more “damage” than good. As they are approaching it from the very last step alone.

Take the time to connect with Your Soul. You are here to do amazing things in your own arena of preference. The more you connect with and understand Your Soul, the deeper sense of peace fills your thoughts and feelings. Trust in Your journey. Trust in Your purpose. And live a Wonder-full life!

Love and Light,


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