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Return to Balance

The collective story we are living now doesn’t truly honor us. The path we have taken collectively has left us feeling disconnected from our true potential. So much of our culture is framed around the masculine aspect of ourselves. The framework of our society has built values that are based on a masculine value system. Our religions have masculine leaders. Much of the corporate world is based on masculine principles. Our leaders have been mostly men. Women have become “successful” by competing in the masculine game, often suppressing the feminine and emphasizing their masculine attributes.

But the game changers of this next chapter of humanity will be those who can bring back the balance. Where the masculine and feminine are balanced and whole. Neither gender by itself has optimum power. True authentic power comes from the healthy balance of our masculine and feminine attributes.

The return to balance will restore power to the people. To bring a better sense of balance to our culture, is to honor the feminine in our society.  Often the feminine is portrayed as a sub-class to the masculine. Even as an object of manipulation by the masculine. Some cultures even completely suppress the feminine attributes and operate only in the masculine ideology.

There is so much raw power in the natural aspects of the feminine side of our humanity. The feminine carries untold possibilities within it. Infinite possibilities. This aspect of our feminine side can be easily discounted by the masculine mindset, as the masculine ideology measures everything in relationship to everything else. The masculine is based in time and space. On what has been. On what has been created in the past. Very much like the playground of the ego. How can the infinite be measured against what has been? It doesn’t provide any specific attributes for comparison. And as such, cannot be compared.

The infinite potential of our human nature is first realized from our feminine side. It is the doorway to all new outcomes. It is the side of us that can tap the infinite field of potential and bring it into inspiration. The feminine is the birthplace of all new creation. The “game changer” if you will. To be able to completely tune into the feminine is to allow the greatest transformation of the current paradigm. All outcomes are possible. The return to balance will bring new possibilities into reach. The feminine by itself cannot manifest that inspiration, as manifestation is a masculine attribute. And the ability to manifest, without inspiration, is to be stuck in a static masculine ideology.

Our culture has lived in a basically static masculine mindset for so many generations. And the lack of balance in our culture has us repeating the same basic paradigm, over and over again. Where there is little genuinely inspired change that has happened. The vast majority of our education and religions re-enforce this static idea.

The most exciting aspects about the next chapter of humanity result from trusting ourselves. We are the vehicle of change. You and I. It will be those among us who can honor the genuine feminine side of ourselves that will bring the new inspiration and ideology into creation. And to make that move is a bold journey indeed. What a great sense of joy comes from trusting yourself above the storyline of the past. To capture the heartfelt inspiration from within your own inner inspiration. What an exciting feeling to bring about genuine authentic change. To move more into balance is to become more aligned with the timeless nature of true power. To be a Power Player in this never ending storyline of our human history is the gift itself.

Trust in YOUR inspiration. Allow both your masculine and feminine aspects to receive equal attention. The masculine and feminine exist in every one of us. Grow your ability to trust yourself. Like exercising a muscle, it gets easier over time. Learn how to follow your heartfelt inspiration without hesitation. To learn how to live in the endless stream of personal inspiration is to engage the journey to wholeness. Very powerful people are awakening to their purpose. So many of us have felt the wholeness that balance can bring. To live in wholeness is to live fulfilled.

I celebrate YOUR gifts. I Thank YOU for your authentic expressions. Bring it!

Love and Light,


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