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Pure Authentic You


Pure Authentic You

Our Soul is the part of us that holds the power and the possibilities of our life. The more we define various attributes of our egos, the more we exclude our selves from the total possibilities that exist for us all. In other words, the more we associate ourselves with specific attributes and preferences, the more of what is possible is excluded from our sense of self. So often in our spiritual journey, we are discovering what we prefer. And that is a very good thing. But that process can also entrap us. Like an anchor, blocking our ability to more fully understand who we really are. Certainly, taking the time and becoming aware of our personal preferences is a very good part of learning how to enjoy life. But when we exclude all the others things that we don’t resonate with, we can stay polarized to the totality of what is possible in our human form. Yes, take the time to understand yourself and your preferences. But also let go of any judgement of the choices of others. So often we can see some tragic story in the media, and respond with resentment or even hate. This is karma at its most fundamental level. Any time we polarize ourselves with any idea, thought or feeling, we are creating or re-enforcing a karmic disposition. Karma is polarity embodied.

When you look at the Journey of the Soul, you see that it starts from the light, moves into the darkness, and returns to the light. All of nature is cyclic. And our human demeanor is no different. The key to making spiritual progress is to look at what is happening, no matter how bad it can make us feel, and still accept it as yet another choice of darkness. When we judge what others are choosing, we are no longer authentic. We lose our place of centeredness. We are no longer grounded in our truth. This really collapses our own power. To be a powerful player in this game of life, is to observe the action, and accept it as if we had chosen it ourselves. This can seem cruel and heartless. But actually, nobody has ever broken a karmic law … ever. The very nature of darkness is the free will choice to disconnect from our truth. And to judge darkness as some kind of mistake, is to see the truth as somehow broken. We are given fierce freedom to experience darkness. There is no boundary to our possible choices. Here on this Earth, we have chosen to go to the edge of the darkness, that we might experience the totality of what is possible in our human form.

As humanity continues to re-discover its own truth, we still see events of extreme darkness. To understand that it was chosen to experience such a disconnection of our truth, is to stay grounded in Your own truth. The more we can stay grounded in our truth, while still observing the darkness of others, is to stay connected to our power, and influence the outcome in a very powerful way. For the manifestation of power in any one moment requires one to be grounded, at peace, and accepting of the lesson of others. From that place, your energetic vote, brought by your thoughts and feelings, will easily trump any act of darkness. That is the place of miracles. Of a shift in the outcome at a fundamental level. A very powerful place to BE. Standing in the Light, and holding the space of Love, is Pure Authentic Power revealed. Pure Authentic You!

We are here to re-discover our truth. As the powerful capable BEings of Light that we are.

Love and Light,


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