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Polishing the Mirror

What you see on the outside is a reflection of who you are on the inside

The universe is often referred to as a mirror of our own inner self. Indeed, the filter or lens through which we see the world is a reflection of our thoughts, feelings and beliefs … especially those in our mind. Our ego is a symbol processor. And everything that exists outside of us is a symbol for our ego. As our ego tries to navigate through our own life, it derives choices and actions based on the assigned value of the symbols that exist in our environment. These assignments can be thought of as attachments, values that we have attached to the various symbols that we hold in our own mind. And these assignments can be decisive in what we actually choose, and do, in our lives.

The universe has been cranking out “reality” for eons of time. The mythology of our past is a running history of the thoughts, feelings and beliefs of those who have gone before us. When we step back and look at the collage of thoughts, feelings and beliefs that have been embraced by humanity, we can see an underlying process of creation. It is done unto you … as YOU believe. Now take this simple principle and then look at our culture. We have these huge collective beliefs that we re-enforce with our structured society. A handful of religions touch the beliefs of the vast majority of humanity. And then there are our school systems. And our patriotic influences too. There are so many arenas of collective agreements as to what all these symbols mean to us.

Yet once again, if we look at the thread of mythology of our human history, the universe as a whole has no requirements as to what we choose. So who is to say we haven’t chased ourselves into a corner? I find it fascinating that there are folks like Elon Musk, a billionaire who is turning the energy and transportation sectors on their heads. And to round out his passion let’s throw in the space industry. And he is just getting started.

Why, I might ask, isn’t this the norm for our academic system(s)? Shouldn’t PhD’s be able to crank out this open, dynamic thinking by the volumes? It seems like just the opposite happens. We learn structure in our collective agreements, a form a collective association with our symbols. Those who can break out of the collective mindset are the real shakers and movers. Or perhaps your life path had you “miss out” on the collective programming altogether. Then you would be in the likes of Einstein, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney and such.

There is so much about our collective consciousness that is in-congruent with our authentic potential. Our “un-knowing” minds have so much more information for us than what our conscious minds know now. Everything that has yet to be discovered already exists now in our unknowing minds. In other words, what we don’t know is so much more vast than what we do know. And that provides oceans of opportunities for us. Just as Elon Musk has tapped whole new arenas of thinking, he has transformed whole industries for the better … things like electric cars, home batteries that dramatically reduce the cost of electricity, and rockets that reduce the expense of going into outer space … thinking in an open and inspired way.

Enter you. What is your passion? What are your interests? Since every new paradigm for humanity shows up as an idea, how open can you awaken your own imagination? Do you get ideas? Does your heart have an idea of what your life could be? In a positive and loving way? When you understand the nature of this thing called human consciousness, and recognize that you are it now, then the future can turn on a dime for you … to the level that you can embrace it. Who are you to be the next game changer … in an exciting and adventurous way? Personal Power revealed. Pure Authentic You.

Trust in your role of this collective storyline. Shine your light for all to see.

Love You!


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