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Perfect, Whole and Complete

Life has no requirements of its own. You are free to make any choice that you choose to make. For you are perfect, whole and complete, now and always. To understand the truth of who you are, gives you a sense of personal freedom. A sense of ease to your everyday life. For the truth of you is eternal. In order for you to have a thought, any thought, you need the presence of consciousness. No consciousness, no thought. Yet that very same consciousness exists without thought. It is the thought that is temporal. Or in other words, the consciousness behind every one of your thoughts has been there forever. It is the presence of your Soul. It is timeless. And that consciousness is a point of presence of the creator itself. “The Father and I are One” … now. And now, and now. You cannot separate yourself from Source.

So often we quantify our “standing” in this human race. Are we “succeeding”? Are we behaving appropriately? The Ego wants to “know” that it is safe. It wants to have a handle on where it is in the game of life. Yet, the Source of all creation is well beyond the Ego’s ability to comprehend. The Truth is bigger than language and thought. Perhaps you can feel it. An ever-present consciousness behind all of creation.

You cannot decide your connection to Source. For it is always there. Your Ego has no say in your relationship with the Divine. You are approved for your life, thoughts and actions … no matter what they actually are. We are given fierce freedom on this planet. Consciousness is ours for the taking. Now and now and now. There is never a choice or decision that can change that. You ARE safe, for you are the Source itself, incarnate. Personified as this “You” who is reading this now.

The creation of this whole universe is for the existence of You. It is the canvas of expression. You would not exist were it not for the fabric of earth itself, which is the material that your body is made of. You eat food, and it becomes You. The food that came from the ground. That came into form based on the idea contained within the seed itself. Your Body is an expression of your DNA. That was created with the union of your Father and Mother. The atoms that make up your body in this moment, were nowhere to be found on the day of your birth. You transcend any one moment of time. You transcend any choice, thought or action. And thus YOU transcend every choice, thought or action. You cannot do it wrong. You cannot do it all. You have a finite time to live in this body of yours.

So, what is it going to be? You are here to choose as you will. There are no requirements. Yet the kick-ass part of life is awaiting your desire for it. You don’t have to choose it, but if you do, your Ego will be ecstatic with excitement and Joy. And that is the vision of your life. The Dream your Soul had before you were born. An idea of your life that has you living a life you genuinely Love. Your Heart and Soul can feed you inspiration forever. The kind of inspiration that reveals your truth. The bigger idea of who you really are. It is a constant unfolding, if you allow it. If you desire it enough to find it within yourself. The kingdom of Heaven is within you Now.

Love You, I do.


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