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Peace on Earth Goodwill to All

Peace on Earth, Goodwill to All

Peace on Earth, Goodwill to All

In this holiday season, it might seem that Peace is just a little out of reach. The headlines keep showing us anything but peace. But there is a much bigger story going on. A much more powerful story. The story of Peace returning to Earth to stay. Our own history tells us of the immense power of Peace. Peace and Love are fields of power. Not like the baseball playing fields. But more like the magnetic field that exists around a magnet. There are two basic modalities that have the ability to affect something. There is force, where you physically make it happen. And then there is power.

To use the magnetic field analogy, if I sprinkled some iron filings on a sheet of paper, and wanted them all to line up, I could use power, or I could use force. If I were to choose force, I would get out the tweezers and pick up each one and place it in line. One at a time. This is the nature of force. I am exerting energy. Consuming energy to make it happen. If I run out of energy, I run out of influence. I cannot influence them all at once. However, if I choose power, which exists as a field, I would influence them all at once. And yet I would not be consuming any energy. So I could never exhaust the field. That is the power encompassed by a field. Peace and Love are fields. War, control and violence are force.

Our history tells the story of the power of Peace. India had been occupied by the British empire. The British wanted to acquire India as one of its colonies. And to ensure it would happen, they sent an army. Force. Fuel. Food. Housing. Guns. Ammunition. All of these elements are finite. They all consume energy to use. Enter Gandhi. The British empire sends an army, and Gandhi replies with the field of Peace itself. Had Gandhi chosen to bring an army (force) to the playing field, then the might of attrition would decide who was left. Shear volume would decide the outcome. But Gandhi did not bring an army. He understood the Power of Peace. He kept the field of Peace present in his every action. He closely guarded his every choice, that it would not be incongruent with the nature of Peace. He chose Peace (Field) as his response to the army (Force) that showed up. Like a boxer swinging at empty air, there was nothing for the army to conquer. And by simply maintaining the field of Peace, an army was defeated.

Fast forward to today. Thousand and thousands of people, just like You, are finding their own inner Peace. Gandhi didn’t match a soldier of peace to every soldier of war. There were not thousands of Peace warriors to match, one for one, the soldiers of war. That is because the power of a field influences all that it contains. One person can offset the intentions of thousands of others. Fear does not have any power, because there is no truth in it. Fear is a fabrication of the human mind. Peace is a fundamental field of space and time. The field of Peace exists everywhere, but it doesn’t take effect unless there is human consciousness to empower it. That human consciousness is like a portal that allows the field of Peace to flow through it, as it. To bring your consciousness to a place of Peace, creates a field that affects all of those who enter it. You are that powerful. You are that powerful when you can hold the space of Peace regardless of what you see, hear and feel happening outside of you. Love behaves this way too. Peace and Love are two very Powerful fields. To purify your ability to hold the space of peace and love within your own consciousness, is to become a portal of peace in this chaotic chapter of our human story.

To polish the presence of your field of Peace, practice compassion and forgiveness for yourself and for all of mankind. Practice being able to forgive all acts of fear. All stories of separation. All faces of humanity. You are the Power Player in this chapter of our Human Story … by playing in the inner fields of Peace and Love.

Peace on Earth, Goodwill to All.

Merry Christmas!


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