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Peace in Your Heart

The Home of Your Soul

You are a timeless Soul. The truth of You cannot die, ever. This consciousness that You are now, is eternal. And nothing can change that. In other words, You are safe. Although we can understand that conceptually with our mind, it isn’t until we can embody that, that we will find Peace in our Heart. To trust the truth of who you are, gives you incredible comfort. A genuine sense of peace. This Peace is the birthplace of true Power.

Everything happens energetically first. The very last step, happens in the physical plane. Like a whip. The handle of the whip decides the action. And the tip of the whip always follows. The “handle” of creation is your thoughts, beliefs and feelings. And the “tip” of your creative process is how you experience your life. Your energy (inner chi) is the birthplace of your future. It is the canvas of creation itself. Your future is forming in your own personal energy persona, right now. That is the energetic information sensitive people can tune into in order to give you an idea of what’s coming around the bend for you.

There is a powerful arena of creation within you now. For you are the thing itself. The creator incarnate. You and the Divine, Source, God … are one now. But so what? That won’t “pay the bills.” But actually it can, once we understand the language of energy itself. And the collective energy within ourselves that makes up our “picture” or “vote” of our future. To be able to master that process, is to embody the Christ consciousness within you now.

There is a fundamental aspect of all of creation. It is the story of creation itself. The Adam and Eve parable. The entire universe is hinged on this simple attribute. As it turns out, this entire universe has been created for the human experience. Sure there is “other” consciousness in this huge holodeck of creation. Plants, animals and minerals. And even the “forces” of nature (gravity, electricity and such) are personifications of the One creator. But it is the Human BEing that can embody the totality of all of creation. And you are the personification of the intent of the creator. We are here for this Human experience. Personified as the root of all of creation. Masculine/Feminine. A fundamental attribute of everything there is. To be in balance with these two traits, gives way to sway with the creative process now. The creator creating as You.

Your Soul does not know fear. Nor does it know limits. Those are products of the ego. Your Soul is anchored in the truth. It is your portal to the God within You now. Power comes from coherence, and a resonance with the truth. Where there is nothing contrary within your BEing. An alignment of many spectrums of your self/Self. When you find that alignment, you will find Peace within Your Heart. The feminine aspect of ourselves provides the vision of what is possible, and the masculine grounds it in this 3D arena of expression. The purity of the masculine/feminine attributes decides the power of what is possible. Wanna play BIG? Pure Authentic You!

Purify Your Heart … blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall know God.

Love and Light,


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