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Finding the Sweet Spot

There is an ocean of Peace within You. A place of knowing. A place of comfort. It has always been there. It awaits your return. We left there when our Soul chose to go farther into the shadow. Into a deeper sense of separation. The darkness of Life is a journey for the ego. The journey is for the Human experience. How does the Human aspect of us handle the journey into the darkness?

The journey into the darkness is the loading of our subconscious. Loading it up with emotions, beliefs and a sense of separation from Source, or God. And the journey back to the Light is the place where most of humanity is poised right now. A return to our truth. Our Soul has always known the truth. The Soul has no fear or sense of separation. That is the arena of the ego. The karmic aerobics that is the basis of our human story. And here we are …

Heaven is returning to Earth. You have the vibration of Heaven within you NOW. And the only day that you will ever live there, is today. Yes, Heaven is available for you to experience TODAY. To move into alignment with Heaven is the UnLoading for the subconscious. The unloading of the past. For every karmic element present within you now, that has recorded your journey this far into the shadow, has an energetic component to it.

For so many of us, this is not our first incarnation. Indeed, we have had many lifetimes loading up an energetic history of our journey. Many lifetimes of unresolved karma. The ways of karma are so elegant and perfect. Both the Light and the Shadow are Divinely ordained. You have never committed a karmic error. You have never sinned. For it is impossible for you to break a karmic law. For we are given fierce freedom here on this beautiful planet Earth.

To purify your karma is to cleanse and resolve the energetic elements stored within your own subconscious. As you purify your own persona, you gain many gifts. You recover from emotional events much quicker. You move to a place of discernment about what is happening in your environment. Breaking the emotional reaction reflex, as our emotions are just messengers showing us how we are perceiving ourselves in the moment. There is a place of high vibration in the center of our Being. It is the seed of Heaven within us now. When YOU can purify YOUR own personal energy persona, you start to feel the high vibration that is within you.

The Past holds the journey’s karmic collection. The Present is the only place where you can change your karma. And the Future is the canvas of your own personal creation. Take the time to tune in to the energy within YOUR own BEing. Look within to find the doorway to Heaven. Spend some time in the present moment to just feel. Pay attention to your body. Let your awareness follow the feelings available to you now, and you will shift your karmic disposition. To MASTER that, is to Master the Art of Living.

Love to YOU!


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