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Loving Life

The identity we carry can often decide how we experience life. For so many of us, we are living in our minds. And there is just no lasting peace there. Everything is constantly being weighed against the past. Yet there is another story that is being played out in your life. And it has far more peace to offer than any moment living in the mind. And that is the place of the Soul. To embody Your own Soul is to make the move to living Peace on Earth. Today.

There are numerous advantages to embodying your Soul. First off, raw power. Your power. Your Soul has no concept of limitations. The lack of Fear is a game-changer too. And then there is the endless well of inspiration. Oh, and knowing who you really are. Oh, and …

Life is such a gift. To be able to trust that, and come to a place of peace within yourself, gives you a sense of balance that is uncommon in the collective. For those of us who can embody our Soul more and more with each passing day, we hold a place of comfort for those who are not connected with their own truth. The vision of your life, which just gets clearer and clearer, becomes so expansive that the ego is jumping on the bed happy. The thought of showing up in life in such a big way, makes for one lasting sense of fun and adventure. To engage in your potential, without fret or worry, affords such Joy in your everyday experience.

Trust in the reason You are here. Trust in Your purpose and passions. For you are the thing itself. You are consciousness embodied. Learn what brings you Joy. Learn what you prefer. Focus on the vision of what Your Soul has in mind for your life. And Enjoy the Journey!

Love and Light,


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