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Look to Heaven, Live on Earth

Look to Heaven, Live on Earth

You are here for a purpose. You have a purpose in the larger picture. And for you to fulfill your purpose is to fulfill your Dreams. What has been your story? What have been your biggest arenas of thoughts and experiences? We are here now, to shift our attention. Before these days, our attention was on the outside. Our egos would watch the external patterns in order to stay in a predictable outcome. We would posture with the elements of our life in order to insure our safety. But now it is time to make the shift.

Your Higher Self has a new story for you. Your Soul has kept a life purpose for you. And the past doesn’t match the new paradigm. It is time to download the new paradigm. Your new inspiration will draw a picture that might not seem familiar at first. Ideas and information that don’t match anything in the past. But that’s OK. Keep track of the new thoughts. Write them down. They are pieces of the puzzle. Of the new ideas of how life can be. Of how human life on earth can change for the better. And You will bring the new story to life. Trust in Your role. Trust in Your inspiration. You are remembering your purpose. The new ideas are the sentences to your new story. We have crossed the threshold of our attachment to the past. The old ideas will not expand in our Hearts and Minds. It will be the new.

Your ability to embody the new ideas will be the method for how you will bring the new story to Earth. To embody a new idea is to come into resonance with it. This is where the idea of your energy body comes into play. Energy is the language of the universe. It is the dialogue that has always been taking place. Even before human language, this energetic dialogue has always been the root of all creation. For you to embody your new ideas is to bring the new seed of creation into physical form. Your chakras are the projectors of your energy. Of your Inner Chi. Purity is the amplifier of the idea. How clean your personal energy persona is, will decide how completely you fulfill your own inner inspiration. It decides your own personal power. Purity and Power go hand in hand. Do you want to be a Power Player? Do you want to fulfill the immense and expansive vision of your Soul? What a time to be Alive!

Nothing physical can increase your inner power. Only the purity of your own personal energy persona. For you are Light incarnate. You are a personification of the one creator. Here to restore Heaven on Earth. Here to claim your Divine entitlement to unconditional Love. Love incarnate!

Rock it like you own it, because you DO!

Love and Light,


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