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Living Your Purpose

Fulfilling the Dream of your Soul

If you look at yourself closely enough you can find some fundamental elements, inherent traits that have been there from the beginning. We all have gifts that we are here to share. From the beginning of our life, our soul had a vision of what our life could be. To get clear about who you really are, and then to embrace the underlying purpose of your life, is to live a life of grace and happiness. There is an intent behind your life. Some of it is based on the art of creation, and some of that has to do with karmic lessons. We all have arenas of karma that we have come here to better understand.

To take a step back and consider your life from the perspective of your soul, is to not take anything about your life personally, at least, in the sense of how others are behaving. So often we can have soul contracts with others to learn fundamental aspects of ourselves. We can have contracts to be exposed to challenges and difficulties that are designed to teach us about who we are, and how we see ourselves in relationship to others. Oftentimes, some of our biggest lessons are with the villains in our lives, tyrants that tend to push our buttons. For myself, I had a soul contract with a boss. He was here to crack me open.

I could have easily blamed him for all of my discomfort. I mean, he was so malicious and demeaning. Yet if I consider his effect on my life, he fulfilled his part of the contract so well. For most of a decade, he would treat me with such disrespect. He was such a diligent tyrant. And I would go home from work emotionally upset and wiped out. I would get home and just crash on the couch and watch TV for an hour or two, just to get myself settled back down … only to get up and do it all again the next day.

If I hadn’t gone through that experience, I wouldn’t have ended up on the couch … on a psychiatrist’s couch, trying to work out my struggle with life. But then a curious thing happened, an event that would change my life. I had been a television engineer for decades. It was the most fundamental part of me. If you had asked what my life purpose would have been back then, it would have been to work in the television industry. But after I surrendered to the lesson I had to learn about myself, a whole new me showed up. The author in me. The radio host. The karma teacher. The heart of compassion that I have for humanity. All of these things were awaiting my discovery of my life purpose, a purpose I was not aware of for the first half of my life. Yet here I am, writing a blog about trusting ourselves. Trusting our purpose. Fulfilling the vision of our own soul.

You have a purpose. It is a gift to you. And it is a gift to others. For you, it offers a stride you can take. A path to walk in your everyday life. When you understand your own purpose, and then engage it with intent in your everyday living, you can experience a genuine sense of fulfillment and satisfaction at the end of your day. When you honor your purpose, you come into contact with other souls with whom you have contracts. And when you connect with these souls, you fulfill the purpose of your life. You experience a sense of reunion. You get into alignment with a sense of purpose for why you are here. To walk in step with your purpose is to leave a wake of grace in your life. And from that place of grace, you can find peace in your heart.

Take some time and consider your own life purpose. What are your gifts? What are your passions? What do you enjoy doing the most? To get clear about who you are, and why you are here, is to bring a deeper sense of purpose into your everyday life. And to live a life fulfilled.

To your best delights!

Love and Light,


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