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Living Today

Practice Living today so you can enjoy living tomorrow too.

Heaven exist now. Joy is available now too. And then there is the ocean of Peace within you now as well. Often we can have an idea of the future, as the place where we will be better at living life. Better circumstances. Better conditions. What is it we are striving for anyway? The idea that we are trying to accomplish some thing to better complete who we are. There are many beliefs in our society that places the endgame at some point in the future. Judgement day or salvation as an event in the future where we will have some unique opportunity.  Curious. Yet here we are, in another thought. And this moment also brings with it another chance for another choice. As long as we have another choice, we have the ability to move into alignment with the truth, or to walk away from it too. Both Light and shadow are available in EVERY moment. Like THIS moment. Oh and this one too. So there is not a moment ever where we are “locked in” to Heaven or Hell. If we are living either one, will only be a reflection of that moment. So what are you living now? In Joy? In Acceptance? In Peace? In Love?

If you want to enjoy life, learn to enjoy today. Not only will you enjoy today more, but you will be in better practice for enjoying tomorrow as well. Do you want to live in Heaven? Embody it today. Heaven is the alignment with Light. Light is the root truth of all of existence. Heaven is a field of Light within You now. Unconditional in it’s acceptance of what is. For if you are not accepting what is, then you are in resistance of what is. The truth has no template. It is done unto you as you believe. So how you experience life is a reflection of your own “truth”. And the next person you see, will be embodying their own “truth”. Both Light and Shadow are the dance of Love. Nothing exist outside of the truth. The truth is, we can create any idea of what life is, and it will be fulfilled. Ask, and it is given.

There is no endgame. No moment when choice is removed. When thought is no longer available. For you are a timeless Soul, embodying a human body. Humans are a species on this planet. Just like Bears, Bees and Buffalo’s.  Our Human traits ARE divine. All of them. Even the scallywags, scoundrels and scumbags.

Take some time and contemplate your journey. Made up of days just like today. And there is another day on it’s way. But it will only be today that you will experience anything. Practice enjoying today. What do you Love? Bring it into your awareness. Is it the smell of coffee in the morning? Waking up with Your Beloved? or feeling the cool breeze through your hair?  Or watching a beautiful sunset? Take the time to notice what You enjoy. When you catch yourself enjoying life, you develop a habit of catching the enchantment of what life really is.

Love to You!


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