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Life seeks Expansion

Renew yourself through the flow of your own inspiration

You are life incarnate. Life itself. All of life seeks expansion. Just try to manage a patch of dandelions in your yard. They will expand without concern. You are that same life. Your Soul had a vision of your life before you were even born. And in THIS chapter of our human story, that vision of your life had a progressive theme to it.

We are at such a pivitol point in our human evolution. And here You are. Your Soul is an infinite well of inspiration for you. The Dreams it is showing you for your life are stepping stones. Your Soul won’t show you a Dream unless it is possible for your life. And even the biggest part of your Dream is still just a moment of creation. Always ready for the encore. To understand the timeless beauty of who you really are, is to glimpse God incarnate. The Father and I are One … Now.

Do you have a vision for humanity? An idea of what is possible in our human story? Humanity is pregnant with desire. Desire for a better story. A desire for more authentic living. For a society that honors us. We, the people. Every one of us is renewed in flow. Renewed in expression. When we can capture the inspiration, and bring it into effect, we actually change our own history. To practice the art of creation, is to move into your own personal freedom. A place of genuine Peace. A place of genuine prosperity. A happiness that swells from within your own Heart.

Your life story has prepared you for this moment. You have a gift to share. You have a Song to Sing. And the beautiful part of it is, that when you honor that in the way you see fit, You are fulfilled. You have a genuine sense of satisfaction. A deep sense of Joy from honoring who you are and why you are here. As a Soul incarnate, You are immense potential. You are the point of presence of the creator. The desire of humanity can flow through Your own gift. Flow through You honoring who you authentically are. In that place of service, Untold Joy is released from deep within You. And when you spend time there, it develops into a habit. A way of BEing. When You can embody the intentions of Your Soul, with action and effort, the Grace of God personifies itself as You. You are that magnificent. You are that powerful.

Trust in Your story. Trust in Your purpose … as the BEST seat in the house for this most incredible journey of our human story.

Love and Light,


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