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Let Your Soul Drive

We are living in a most incredible time of Human Consciousness. One that holds oh so much opportunity for a single lifetime to express. And this rare opportunity will not be available again for thousands of years at best. And we are here now, with it within our reach in THIS lifetime.

What I am talking about is how much potential exists that is awaiting a human’s desire for it. We are coming out of an epic stretch of karmic darkness in our human story. Our storyline has taken us to the edge of darkness itself. Where the mind of men have contemplated and built the ability to end it all in the expression of war and hate. Yet, here we are. We have made it past the brush of darkness.

When human consciousness moves farther into darkness, it surrenders it’s power to the past. Where we load up on beliefs and feelings that diminish our ability to think or embody the Light. It is this imprinting of our subconsciousness that holds our personal and collective karma. And it is also the journey of the Hero. Joseph Campbell had studied the world’s religions and found a common message woven within each religion’s teachings. The return to the Light. The Hero’s Journey. The timeless cycle of our human experience that moves us into the darkness, and returns us once again to the Light.

When you consider how far into the darkness we have come, it becomes apparent that the entire scope of human consciousness is available to traverse in a single lifetime. Your lifetime. This lifetime. It would not be possible if we were not so far into the darkness right now. All of humanity is rising out of the darkness. In just a few generations from now, this potential will have been diluted. The starting point will have been moved out of the edge of darkness and the potential that exist now for us, will have been diminished. It is only now, in THIS lifetime, that the total scope of human consciousness is there to be realized. How exciting of a time to be alive.

The curious thing is the potential. As you raise your consciousness, your own personal story expands. Your Dreams get bigger. The idea of your life expands. When you understand the nature of human consciousness, this storyline today has the most incredible lifetime possible. Our human consciousness is exponential. To raise your consciousness is to raise your own personal power. For every percent of karma that you resolve, there is an exponential change in your experience. As you make strides in raising your consciousness, a whole new paradigm opens up for your embodiment. And a whole new Dream presents itself. This is the traversing of our human potential.

Enter Compassion for Humanity. Divine Love is the arena of miracles. Love is the potential behind all change. It is the game changer. It is what allows the creation of the most exciting life possible. To quell the Ego and devote your Heart to service. Service in the form of Compassion. This is where the Soul steps in and allows a pacing and paradigm that is beyond the comprehension of the Ego. To let your Soul drive your vision and your Journey is to let your Ego off the hook. There is a genuine freedom that comes from letting your Heart and Soul drive your life. Our Soul had this vision of our life before we were even born. It made plans with other Souls as to how this awakening could unfold. It made arrangements with others to plan the Journey. A Soul-level wisdom of what was possible. To engage the inspiration of your Soul is to drive in the fast lane. To align with your true potential to embody the new paradigm. To surrender your life to service. This is the place where all rules soften. Where the transcendence of our human limits is achieved. Where the vision of the Divine has a path to expression through you, as you. Where you become the vehicle of the answered prayer. This is where your life story expands beyond what you thought possible. Where the vision of your life is so grand that you weep in delight. That your consciousness is the vehicle of Divine Grace. A sacred place. You.

Trust in your Journey. Tend to your Karma. Open up to the possibilities of your life now. For this is the grandest of times to be alive! EnJoy your Journey today.

Love and Light,


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