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Let go, and let your Soul drive

Letting Go of the Reins

It’s like you ‘re just waking up to find you are on a stage coach. And it’s really hauling down the dirt road. Your stomach tightens as the carriage sways with every bump in the road. Feeling the worn leather reins through your fingers, you tighten your grip. Seeing the galloping horses running wide open makes you a bit nervous. You would rather just stop and feel safe again. Letting go of the reins is the last thing on your mind …

Certainly there can be times when life seems like it is a bit out of control. When core aspects of our life start to sway. But there is a deeper story going on here too. When our life goes through changes, it can feel a bit daunting. And the emotional triggers of change can make us want to retreat back into safety. Certainly there is a place of nurturing yourself. And finding rest. But the winds of change can be the answer to our prayers too.

There is a wisdom within you that can see you through any change in life. A compass for direction and a place of peace for weathering any storm. The journey we take through life can seem like it’s too much. Certainly many have bowed out and stepped off the stagecoach. But they will be back. Our lessons are there until we get them learned. Our Soul has chosen this life path for us, and all the challenges that go with it. If you find big struggles in your life, then know you are an old Soul, taking the advanced classes of what it means to be a human being. The intense feelings you have are the lessons themselves. Awaiting your ability to understand them and release them. Setting yourself free of them. We are on our way back home. Back to our original Self. The reason we can feel overwhelmed is because it is our ego, and not our True Self, that is actually holding the reins.

The ego has its identity anchored in this human form. What is your name? What do you do for a living? Who are You? This sense of identity is based on our experiences we have had since our birth. It is the momentum of our story. It is from this identity that the turmoil threatens us most. This sense of self that is all about our human identity. Our ego has been holding the reins, trying to get our external elements arranged so that we can relax and feel a sense of control over our life. And when your life story has been full of hard lessons, this can feel like the place you want to stop and rest. It is always good to find rest along the journey.

But there is a place beyond the rest. There is a place of flow. A healthy flow. A secure place, where we feel safe all along the journey. Where what your life looks like, changes without stress or concern. When you connect with your Soul and find the ocean of peace within your BEing. When you start to trust who you really are. Every one of us is a Soul. A Soul has no fear. A Soul has no idea of any limits. And the best part is, Your Soul knows what would make you feel wonder-FULL. Putting a smile on your face, that won’t wipe off. At least not for very long anyway. When we get glimpses of what our life could look like, from the pictures of our dreams that our Heart and Soul feeds us. We start to see what can happen when we shift our place of direction and decision from our ego to our Heart and Soul. It can seem like the wrong thing to do, but letting go of the reins is the only way our Heart and Soul can start to have any say in our life.

When our ego holds on too tight, there is no place for a new outcome to be born. There is no place for a new direction to take hold. The ego wants to know what the outcome of every decision is, before it makes one. It wants to feel safe that it knows where it is going. And the only thing the ego has to go by, is what has worked in the past. This can anchor us in a monologue of choices. In a narrow arena of choices. Although this can make the ego feel safe, it certainly doesn’t allow much change to be introduced in our life. And it certainly cannot create lasting peace from this place of posture. When the ego holds the reins, it can feel an energetic component to every rein. For every element in our life that our ego tries to manage, there is an energetic element within our own subconscious associated with it. Indeed the fury of the reins is the fury of our unresolved self. Our subconscious holds the feelings and beliefs of the past. Like avoiding the old chapters of our life from emerging back into our life.

But until we resolve those energetic elements in our own psyche, we will not truly be free. We will clench the reins and try to strongarm our way though life. This can be exhausting. Avoiding what might upset our selves is not healing. It is not freedom. There is no lasting peace in that strategy. Sure, we can create stretches of time where the storyline finds some grace, but the true place of rest is to clear out the unresolved feelings and emotions of our Self.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to find that freedom. It can start with spending some time growing the relationship you have with your Heart and your Soul. You can start with some dialogue. Talk to your Heart. And then listen. Simple questions can give you some exposure to this vast wisdom within you now. What would I enjoy doping this evening? Take a walk in nature. The stillness of nature is in harmony with the stillness of your Soul. Look at the ease in which nature exists. The flower is content right where it is. The bird has no fret about tomorrow. Ask your Soul what your life could look like. And trust that there is a way to get there. When you start to feel upset, stay in the feeling. Don’t suppress it. Don’t judge it. Just allow yourself to feel it. Like an impersonal observer. Practice allowing yourself to not react when you feel your emotion swell. When we allow ourselves to actually feel our feelings, we actually release them. Reducing the amount of unresolved energy in ourselves. Moving closer to lasting peace.

Know that there is a place of flow in life where you are fulfilled every day. Where the new chapters of your life actually get you excited. Where you are anchored in knowing who you really are. Being able to connect with the ocean of peace within your own being. Being able to center and balance yourself in just a few moments. Not needing to hold the reins so tight. Letting go and trusting yourself. Opening to the new possibilities of what your life can be. As you start to honor the vision of your dreams, you find that all of you … your Heart, your Soul and your ego … goes to bed fulfilled. Truly satisfied with your day. This is the place of lasting Joy. Of a happiness that is there when you wake up, and that lasts all through your day. EnJoying your life.

For you are the creator incarnate. The Father and I are One … Now and always.

Love and Light,


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