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Karmic Canvas

Karmic Canvas

You have a story to be told. It hasn’t happened yet, but you are engaged in the story right now. It is the story of your future. It will be told. There is no other outcome. What that story is, is up to YOU. There are no boundaries as to the breadth and width of where this story can take you. For you are the director and actor of this storyline. The producer is the universe itself. You do not have to figure out the “how” of how it comes about. Instead, set your intention, and follow the inspirations.

The big screen on which this story plays out is your own personal experiences that you will have. It is YOUR life expressed. The beauty of it all, is that the finish line is absolute. Enlightenment. You cannot get it wrong. You can only decide how it happens. But to become cognizant of the journey, and how the story plays out, can buy you a new sense of freedom in how you direct your life. Your story, as it appears today, is a reflection of your own personal karma. Your Karma. It is what makes your journey unique to you. Nobody else on the planet has your specific journey.

Your karma is like a personal recorder. Recording your story and keeping an energetic history of those moments in which you couldn’t accept what was happening in the moment. A perfect history of your own past. And the journey home is the resolution of your karmic history. The story began when your own Soul was born into human form. In that moment, you had no karma. None. But you also had no experience BEing a human. The school of karma is the story of your Soul incarnating as a human, accumulating karma, and then resolving that very same karma. All the while learning the art of BEing human. In other words, moving from the innocence and purity of the Light, into the darkness of separation. And then the ultimate returning to the Light. The perfect story has been recorded in your subconscious as your karma right now.  And the Journey home is the resolution of all the karma within your own energetic BEing, thus returning you to that original condition of BEing pure Light. Every Soul has this very same journey.

The ultra cool aspect of this story, is Your preferences. Is Your desires. Is Your Dreams. As there is no limit to how much you can experience in this Journey. Just take a quick inventory of the many spectrums of preferences. There are so many arenas of expressions happening in this world in which we live. The plants and animals. The minerals and the elements. Sounds and sights. In just the arena of music, for instance, there is an infinite arena of possibilities. The motion picture industry affords infinite possibilities of stories to be told. Both fact and fiction. Perhaps creating in the physical realm suits you. Be it buildings or bicycles, there are so many choices. So many different arenas of expressions. Which ones do YOU prefer? Thrust in YOUR sickle. Get clear about what You prefer. And then Do It! Repeat!

The karma you have recorded up to this moment has cast you in a role of sorts. Perhaps you see yourself as a common citizen. Where the choices you have fall in a particular arena of expression. Giving you a feeling of this is where you “belong”. But these karmic impressions in which you have defined yourself can always be resolved. They can be cleaned. They can be reprogrammed with your new storyline. The energetic karma on our canvas has some fundamental components to it. These elements are our mental, emotional and spiritual impressions of the past. A history of our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. When you start to shift your life experiences into a new arena of choices, everything incongruent in your karma will show itself. When we go to express a new idea of ourselves, we can bump up against the old mental model of who we thought we were. If your old paradigm has you playing the role of a citizen, how can you take on the role of a king?  If your perceived role is that of a common citizen, how can you pen the vision of the masses? What if your past relationships have always been about control and safety?

When you hold a new idea of what relationships can be, you create new possibilities. It is our thoughts and feelings that motivate our old behaviors. Or perhaps they define a new idea of what religion can be. A new way to relate to our own Divinity. Who are you to pen the nature of God? To give yourself permission to show up in a new way is the doorway to a new life experience. When you bring a new idea or inspiration into your desires, you are creating a new energy within yourself. And everything that is karmically incompatable with the new vision comes up in your feelings and thoughts. This is the effect of your own personal karma. This karmic energy is what can trigger the old behavior. This is the karmic motivation that can keep us in a particular arena of experiences. Have no worries, as all karma can be resolved. And the more of it you resolve, the more authentic freedom you have to create completely new paradigms. As you cleanse your karma, you are moving back towards the Light within you now. Expanding your choices and possibilities.

To clean your karma is to open up the floodgates of creation. To expand the arena of “valid” choices for your new life path. Take the time to connect with your body, and understand how you feel. Your karma is always expressed on the canvas that is your body. To learn more about karma is to learn more about what makes YOU tick.

Dare to dream Big? Dare to be Bold?

Love and Light,


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