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Karma, Power and Freedom

Karma, Power and Freedom

There is so much raw opportunity before us now. Humanity is re-creating the model of our culture. And the platform in which this new paradigm runs on will need to be created too. If you have the entrepreneur vibe, this is your time. Even if the “business of business” doesn’t appeal to you, to understand the nature of this next chapter of humanity will help you be at peace with what you see in your life, and in the collective story as well.

How we look at our human nature decides how well we understand it. For millennium we have been living in a very static 3-dimensional world. We have all had the same basic education. The same explanation of the nature of God. And relatively the same experience of life and what possibilities it holds for us. But the new paradigms will dispel the static nature of what we have been taught and experienced in the past.

We are a Soul, living out a human experience. And our understanding of our potential has been dictated by our own karma. For our karma is a lens through which we see the world. Our karma regulates what we perceive. It does this by how it influences our chakras. Our chakras are the portals of our perception.Our chakras are the “windows” through which information and intuition comes to us. Our karma pinches off information. It dulls our intuition. It shuts down whole spectrums of information. Whole spectrums of possibilities. Imagine knowing how to play only the lowest 7 keys of a piano? What songs could you write? What sounds could you create? If you imagine a single octave of sound, it only has so many variations before it is understood. But to add just a single octave more, gives you so many new variations. Another set of keys opens up a whole new spectrum of possibilities. And our chakras offer us the same opportunities. When we cleanse our karma from our personal energy persona, we open up more opportunities for our life.

For so long, only 7 chakras were considered. And indeed, in our 3D view of the world, it only made sense to fiddle with the chakras that related to our experiences. But with the rise of human consciousness, whole new spectrums of information become available to bring online. And as we cleanse our personal energy and move into resonance with these upper chakras, we open up whole new arenas of possibilities and ideas for what our future could provide to us. Your Soul is a vast arrangement of spectrums, or octaves. With many spectrums awaiting our alignment with them. “In my Father’s house are many mansions.” There is a vast universe within you now. With so many possibilities for you to discover and master. As you cleanse your karma, you reveal new arenas of information by opening up new chakras. As we start to open up our upper chakras, we reveal totally new outcomes.

By opening up more spectrums of human consciousness, we align ourselves with more of our own personal power. Raw Power. As we are exposed to more keys on the piano, we can write whole new songs. The more octaves we have open, the more we trust life. The more we understand the “why’s” of what is happening.

My Soul brought another spectrum of my chakras into my awareness just recently. And with it, a whole new arena of visions for the future. I couldn’t have fathomed the visions before. As I couldn’t have aligned with the energies of the upper chakras. I am so exited to bring these new possibilities into our human condition. Human consciousness IS power. It is indeed the most powerful substance that exists in our human experience. For we are here to learn what it means to be human. All answers will come through our own human nature. It is only through a human persona that the changes will happen. As it has a “ticket” or permission to have an effect. Without a ticket, you can only watch. To know why it is through our human nature that true power will be fulfilled, is to know why having a ticket matters.

To learn why having a ticket matters, listen to this recent episode on Karma, Power and Freedom from the New Human Living Radio show.

Here’s to a most delightful future for humanity!

Love and Light,


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