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Just BE You

You are the thing itself. You are the creator incarnate. So often we can have the feeling that we are not where we “should” be. But actually, it is impossible to live your life “wrong”. Every part of our journey is part of our life story. And that story would not be complete if it doesn’t include who you are right now. And who you are in EVERY moment. Relax into who you are. Do not fret about what you have or have not done. This experience of BEing  a human has its moments of questioning your role and actions. Our culture has an ocean of critics who want a justification of choices and actions. But let them be. You are who you are in every moment. And those moments are always perfect. You cannot do it wrong, ever.

Relax into who you are. Let go of any judgement about your past. No matter what your past has as a story, it is approved. There is no possibility of you breaking any karmic laws. You are innocent now. Just as you are. In fact, those muddy years can be the source of your unraveling. In order for us to genuinely trust who we are, is to come to terms with all of our story. So give yourself the space to feel all of your feelings. No matter how others might judge them. Taking the time to just feel your feelings is the path to owning the totality of just who You are. And I guarantee that there is an immense gift within You. Your authentic Self is the Rock Star of who you are. No need to justify or explain any details. Just BE. Be You. Live your own personal preferences. Stay authentic to what You prefer. Get clear about your preferences. Stay in that place at the center of Your BEing. And feel what feels right. Follow that feeling, and you will unravel a most amazing You.

Your Soul has awaited your embodiment of it. And that will only come when you honor your own preferences. With a sense of personal honesty. Not needing any approval or justification from anyone outside of You. Trust in Your role of authentic Humans BEing. Just BEing. Just by BEing You, you make the universe complete. For without You, the entire universe would not be whole.

Take the time to hone your preferences in order to gain a clearer understanding of who you are and what your passions and purpose are. And, always remember to Love You!

Love You!


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