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Journey of the Soul

Journey of THE Soul

Like each grade in a school system, the phases of life we are experiencing are a reflection of our own Soul’s journey. To consider the ageless attributes of a Soul, is to step out of our human story, if just but for a moment. When we spend our days living our human experience, we can lose sight of our bigger story. Every one of us is a Soul, having a human experience. We are all taking the same basic journey, yet we each have our own story of it. Where are you in the Journey of Souls?

The nature of Human consciousness has been mapped in a relatively broad perspective. We all start from Source. We all come from Source consciousness. The sages of time all tell the same story. We are all One. We all come from the One consciousness. The Father and I are One. The kingdom of Heaven is within. Source consciousness. The root of all creation. The root of all consciousness. During the first phase of the journey of Souls, we have no experience with our human attributes. We are more Light than shadow. This is the only place in the journey where karma doesn’t exist. It is the nature of our first and last steps of our Human experience. Our journey as a Soul is to travel into the shadow of life. Our journey into the illusion of separation. And then to return to Source.

To start to take on karma, is to experience the original “sin”, or first moment, with posturing with what is. The Buddha said that all suffering is the failure to accept “what is”. “Sin” has been cast as some kind of insult to God. But I suggest that it is impossible to insult the Source of infinite possibilities. I would think a better description of “sin” would be to say you are living in the belief of separation. Sin and karma are two terms that reflect the same basic principle. To live incongruently with the nature of life. To take on karma, is to start your own unique journey into the shadow of separation. The moment we posture with what is, is to create the first standing waves of consciousness in our own subconscious. This is the first sustained energy that starts our interaction with the law of attraction. This is where all “lessons” begin.

Once we have postured with the nature of what is, we start the accumulation of karma in our own subconscious. This is an important part of understanding our current condition. We each have our own life history stored within ourselves as our own karma. What makes that important, is that nothing outside of us can make us complete. The only “separation” that ever is experienced, is within our own consciousness. There is never a moment when you require anything outside of you, to make yourself complete. So often we can long for a condition or situation where something or someone is desired as a sense of wholeness. But it always is a distraction to what is causing any feelings of separation. The key to wholeness is always within ourselves. That first moment of feeling separated is the first and the last step into and out of the shadow.

Fast forward to today. Where are you now? What do you desire in your life? What are you wanting to happen? What feelings are most common in your experience? What emotions can you feel within your own subconscious? These give you a sense of the lessons that are before you in this phase of your journey. Who are the players in your story? Who are the Souls that are close to you? Your spouse, friends, siblings, parents and associates? What are the stories you are living out right now in your life? You are a Soul, having a human experience. Take a step back and observe your life from your Soul’s perspective. What lessons are front and center in your journey? Celebrate who you are now. No matter what that looks like. For every step of the journey is part of the whole.

Your lessons are the next steps in your journey. Consider them as a part of the overall journey. Allow yourself to feel every part of yourself. To feel the karma in your subconscious, is to release the energy that is your karma. Moving you back toward the Light within you now. We all are on our way back to Source. We have collectively made the deepest dip into the shadow that we will make. The only way now is back up to the Light. We are Souls learning the nature of what it means to be human. EnJoy the Journey!

Love and Light,


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