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Incremental Success

Discovering the True You

We are all woven from the same fabric. The very oneness of the universe itself, personified as you. Yet we are all so different, so unique. How is it that we are to know where we belong, what we “should” be doing?

Time has no end. We are all on a journey through the spectrums of human consciousness. Whether we are living out our own personal Heaven or our own personal Hell, time moves on. The thing that changes with time is ourselves. We all have the seed of Heaven within us now, awaiting our desire for it, and waiting for our re-discovery of it. Yet, whether we move toward heaven, or farther away from it, time makes no changes.

Consciousness doesn’t appear or disappear suddenly. A homeless person doesn’t ever get blessed by a Deity and become brilliant white light in a single moment. You can pray until the end of time and you will not transcend your lessons. For we are here for the Human experience, mastering the are of living … as human beings. You don’t take a kid out of kindergarten and give him a PhD degree. For it is in the journey that we make the changes within our own selves. We experience incremental success. And our in-the-moment karma is the score card of our progress.

Our subconscious has been recording our own personal consciousness for us. It is exactly perfect in its memory, loading itself up with the moments we were not able or willing to completely feel and accept what was happening in the moment. As we accumulated those aspects of our life that we had a karmic propensity towards, they became our life lessons. In other words, the core energy within us, karmically, represents those aspects of life with which we are most uncomfortable. Anything we suppress about our thoughts, feelings and beliefs gets stored in our karmic disposition.

Fast forward to today. Right now. You have a collage of unresolved energy within your own subconscious that are beacons to the law of attraction, broadcasting out to the universe a request for a teacher, someone whom our little mind might describe as villainous, mean, frustrating, deceitful, malicious, etc. But for every teacher that we attract to ourselves, there is also a gift, for we had previously surrendered some of our own power the moment we started posturing with life. When we “get” the lesson, and release the energy from our own subconscious, the beacon dims. The freedom is restored. And our own personal power is re-claimed.

Underneath our karmic disposition is an ocean of peace, thick with rest and comfort. It is our true self. When we can resolve those karmic elements within us, we are returning home. We are entering the Kingdom of Heaven within. And, as Humans, we embody the very fabric of creation as ourselves. The creator personified and empowered. Wow … Pow! God incarnate. The Father and I are One. Now.

That journey is today. Right now. There is no magic door that magically shifts your personal energy persona back to the pure light, because we are here to make the journey as a Human Being. There is no value in skipping the lessons, for it is who we become IN the journey that makes us ready for Heaven. It is the incremental education that moves the kindergarten child toward the PhD. The journey CREATES the results. Don’t fret about today. Don’t fret about your lessons. For they are the perfect story that will be the transformation of who you are. Success is the only outcome. It is only the journey that can change. We all make it to Heaven.

Love and Light,


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