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I Am that I Am

You are the thing itself

So often we are in the process of righting our wrongs. We can have a running list of things we don’t like about our lives or even ourselves. And certainly we can be on the receiving end of a critical eye from others too. But all of that critical perspective comes from our minds. Yet here we are, living out today.

There can be a place of rest. A place of knowing. An inner garden of self-love, that space where our soul lives. Your soul has unconditional love for you. Your ego is the one that can wonder off into the wilderness, into a place of self-judgment. Yet there is never a time where we have broken ourselves beyond repair. The endless unraveling of time always affords us another go at it. There is always another thought to think, like this one now. We are forever given another chance, another moment, in which to make a new choice.

To get clear about that, and to embody it as a truth, will bring a deeper sense of inner peace, a better appreciation of your own worth. For you are the thing itself, human consciousness personified … an endless storyline that is unfolding as the universe in which we live. The story of your life is the story of your journey to your own truth. There is an authentic nature to your own truth, based on what you prefer. For you are here to enjoy life as the gift that it is.

We are watching the awakening of our own human consciousness on this beautiful planet. So many people are struggling and suffering some very challenging conditions. Yet to keep in mind that consciousness is holographic, is to understand that we are all connected now. The sages of the past have told of the oneness of life, how we all come from the one source of life itself. This inner connectedness is the way we can affect all of life on this planet. When you understand your own truth and you find that inner peace within yourself, you are holding the space of peace for this planet too.

Peace will not be forced. It must be chosen. It must be embodied to be experienced. If there is to be peace on earth, it will be through our human experience of it. When you can understand who you really are, you will know peace. The truth of you will set you free. To know the truth of you is to know the vastness of your own soul. Your ego cannot screw it up beyond repair. For you always have another chance. You always have another chapter of what is possible for your life. Trust in the perfection of your story. Trust in the lessons you have lived in this lifetime. For no matter how crazy your life has been, the truth of you awaits your desire to know it. The truth of you is found in your innermost space. It is the consciousness behind your thoughts, feeling and beliefs. Take the time to contemplate who you really are, and you can live in peace now and always. Trust You. Love You.

To your Best life, Love You!


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