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Honoring Your Truth

Honoring your truth is the best gift you can give yourself and others. It isn’t modelled very well in the media. And institutions as a whole do not embrace it. Yet there is immense freedom and raw power in honoring who you are.

To honor who you are completely requires unconditional self-love. And often, this can bring a sense of self-judgement to our thinking. When we hold the idea of honoring ourselves, we can feel like we are abandoning those around us. Is it this connection to the feelings of others that can prevent us from creating a new story? Of stepping UP our vision of the future? So often the storyline repeats itself because nobody in it will allow themselves to be seen as different. It can be the conscious and subconscious expectations of others that make us let go of our own authentic desires, and fall back into compliance with the whole.

It is the collective attachment that has created so much of the darkness of our current condition. Often, we create our karma through our mass mentality. We share a collective experience that can shift so much of our personal power into our karma. Both personal karma and collective karma. Like the soldiers that are fighting for their country. A collective mindset loading up all participants with personal karma. And centuries of this has created a collective storyline that doesn’t honor much about our own individual truth.

Enter the individual that allows himself to experience unconditional self-love. As humanity struggles with its own identity, the individual who honors her own truth, allows for a return to harmony, grace and peace. For at the core of every one of us, is an eternal field of Love. And for those who allow themselves to embody this Love, whole new possibilities fill their Heart and Soul with visions of Heaven on Earth. A genuine possibility for our collective condition. When we are in harmony with this Love, we are filled with inspiration that transcends our current condition. And to bring choices and actions to this inspiration, is the change itself. It is the answer to the prayer itself. For all resolution of our condition will come through our human nature. No divine being or deity will overrule our human choices. It will be through us … through you and through me … that the changes will arrive.

When you give yourself permission to choose only those things that honor your truth, you create a new direction for yourself, and for the collective as well. Take the time to learn your most sincere preferences. Be bold enough to shout NO to those things that do not honor your Self. Stay authentic to your Heart and you will be the Inspiration that helps restore the collective to peace, prosperity and happiness. Be bold enough to choose those choices that keeps you aligned with your own inner light. For you are the thing itself. The creator incarnate.

To your authentic expression!

Love and Light


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