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Honoring Who You Really Are

Living Your Purpose and Passion

So … what shall it be? We all have our own story. A history of sorts. The story of our journey up til now. And YOU are the result of that journey right now. So what’s next in this story of YOUR life? What do you prefer?

There is a process to life that can open up possibilities for you. The process of creation itself. Yet, so often we can experience more of the same. In other words, it can seem like we are living the same karma, which is playing out with new players. Each chapter of our life can seem like a re-run. Perhaps you have heard someone say … I married the “same guy” three different times. All my husbands have turned out to be the same jerk. Or perhaps we pass the blame around, pushing the reasons why we are where we are, on others. Or perhaps blaming things on the circumstances of the time.

So what’s the real story? What is reasonable to believe is possible for our own life? To be able to evolve on our journey through our own life. To incrementally change the storyline into another paradigm completely. Is it possible to re-invent your life and have it actually stick? To be able to shift your own life experience itself, is the power of creation. To be able to create a whole new story of your life, and have it come about as your life experience itself. Because if your experience doesn’t change, then what’s the point then?

Is it realistic to think that we can literally change our story? Like a writer shifting the plot of the story. What would YOU write for this next chapter of YOUR life? If you could change elements of your own life experience, what would you want to change? How would you pen the best story possible for you to live out in this lifetime of YOURS?

To imagine change, and then to actually create it, is the thing itself. The creation process personified. Who are YOU to be the creator of YOUR own life? If you could write any story and have it come true, what would that story be?

The curious thing about Karma is that it is the filter through which you live your life. For so many of us, our life story doesn’t have much wiggle room. We can dream the big Dream, but the experience doesn’t seem to change much. You can think of your Karma as a momentum of sorts. The “probability” of how your life will play out. Your Karma has the pen, writing the story of your life. That is, until you understand the nature of Karma. Your Karma is with you now. As you.

Your Karma is stored in your subconscious. As energy. Karmic energy. Until that energy changes, it is very unlikely that you will be able to bring about lasting change in your life. Period. Karma IS the lens through which you experience your life. Until you have the ability to effect that Karmic lens, then the chances are high that the next chapter of this life of yours will be very similar to the last chapter.

You are a Soul personified. Your Soul has no limitations at all. Your Heart is the Power organ of your persona. To gain an understanding of your relationship with Your Heart and Soul is to learn the mechanism of lasting change. To be able to effect lasting change in your life experience is to master the art of BEing You! So what is it going to be? What is it that You actually want out of this life of Yours?

My life purpose is to help others understand Karma and how it relates to Personal Power. You are the creator incarnate. “The Father and I are One.” “Ask, and it is given.” “It is done unto You as You believe.” Your Energy is the dialogue you are having with YOUR future. Your personal energy persona is the canvas of your Karma. Learn that, and all limitation will fade away. You are here to learn the nature of Your own Truth. Do you want to honor that? It is always a choice to do so.

My fourth book, “Personal Power Fundamentals: Pure Authentic You” takes a decisive aspect of our human experience, our Karma, and relates it to our own Personal Power. With a simple language it talks about how, when we take on more Karma, it separates us from more of our own Personal Power. And it also teaches us how to release the Karma of our past, restoring our own authentic power for us to use for the rest of our life. Literally reprogramming the energy of our own Karma. Shifting the life experience we actually have, into alignment with our happiness, fulfilment and satisfaction. Literally reprogramming the next chapter of our own life. When you can effect every chapter of your life for the better, your life expands to honor the infinite possibilities your Soul has to offer You.

Trust in Your purpose. Live Your Passions. Living the Life that You Love.

Love You!


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