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Finding Your Groove

Getting in Step with your Heart and Soul

We all have a life purpose. Playing out on this karmic canvas called life. Your Soul had a life path in mind before you were even born. And here you are now. What advantages could been gained by growing your understanding of that? To know the truth? That it shall set you free? To get in sync with your Soul is to live life at a totally different level. The curious thing is that the ego is driving the boat, until the truth is revealed. The ego has to find the truth for any advantage to show up. And once that truth is discovered by the ego, then the ego is set free.

OK, so you might flinch to think of an ego set free. I mean …Yikes! I can see the YouTube video now … Egos Gone Wild! Just a little bit scary? What I am talking about isn’t that kind of ego. Our ego is the most temporal part of us. In other words, it is the part of us that changes the most. And that is because the ego is where the idea of separation exists. Where we get separated from our own truth. And that perception of separation can happen on oh so many levels. Our karma is about polarity. Our egos create fields of polarity within our own personal energy persona. Creating polarity creates separation. And when that separation becomes the everyday arena of our ego, then we have a new karmic lesson created for us to learn to understand.

The enlightened ego is a wonder-full place to live. As it turns out, your Soul understands the workings of the universe. Your Soul knows the truth. It has no concept of separation. It understands the Oneness of life itself. As we live in this hologram of consciousness, it is our Soul that can attract any thing into our life experience. Our Soul knows the vibration of all that is. And can synthesize the vibration of what we need next. And the law of attraction brings it about. That is … IF the ego can let go.

It doesn’t make sense. Not at first. The idea of letting go doesn’t feel good to the naive ego, as the ego wants a sense of control. A sense of safety. And that is where we can spend lifetimes. But that isn’t the theme of this lifetime now. You wouldn’t be reading this if you were here to play the “naive” card. You are here to discover your truth. And it turns out that your truth is fantastic. Incredible really. When your ego can come into alignment with your own Soul, then a miracle happens. Actually, many miracles. As you hone your own ego’s identity, you move out of the field of limitation. Out of the arena of fear. And into the light of creation itself.

When you can surrender to your own truth, then all limitations start to slip away. For we are collectively at the bottom of the karmic barrel. Humanity has been living in such separation and fear, that when you move yourself into alignment with your Soul, you can envision a story of life’s possibilities that lies well beyond the limitations of this current paradigm. And in that inspiration, YOU become the doorway to the next chapter of humanity’s experience. When you become the vehicle of humanity’s change, you are fulfilled in your everyday life. When you honor YOUR own inspiration, YOU are filled with such a sense of satisfaction in your everyday travels and actions. For it is only in TODAY, that Heaven will ever be experienced. And Heaven is available in every day. It is the most fundamental truth of life itself. There is no where, and no when, that Heaven doesn’t exist. To put yourself at the doorway to Heaven is to bring all of you into alignment with it. Start with your ego. Bring it into alignment with your Heart and your Soul. And you will find Heaven, here, on Earth.

Love to You!


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