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We all have a reason, a purpose for our life. As a Soul incarnated. Your Soul had a vision of what your life could be, before you were even conceived. Yet once we are actually born, we forget. There is a veil of sorts. A veil that removes the memory of who we actually are. The lifetimes that have lead us up to this one. Your life now. There is a fundamental pattern to the Journey of Souls. And to understand where You are in this cycle of life can bring a sense of comfort and acceptance of how things really are. In truth, your Soul cannot die. The essence of You has always been there. But the most common sense of struggle and suffering comes from our identity as our ego. We actually FORM a sense of identity as we are brought up by our family. This identity we create becomes the root of who we think we are. Anything that diminishes the perceived sense of value of this formed ego, creates an identity crisis within our own sense of self.

I can speak for the masculine side of the coin. So often, being a man is measured by action and accomplishments, an arena of society where our “value” is determined by what our ego has accomplished. And often men can harbor a sense of failure if they can’t fill the bill of expectations of the other men. When we measure our worth by what the external world thinks of us, we are engaging in a very volatile game that cannot hold a lasting sense of peace. There is no haven that is safe when it is anchored in the external approval of others.

To create a lasting sense of peace and comfort within your own lifetime now, is to base your sense of self from within your own being. It is your Soul that holds the keys to your true happiness. The Soul within you now. When you take the time to contemplate who you really are, you connect with an inner truth that cannot be taken away. A lasting sense of self that will always be there for you. It doesn’t matter what lessons you are here to learn in this lifetime. It doesn’t matter if you can hold down a job or relationship. There is no failure that can remove who you really are. You are always in the right place. You are always protected. The truth of you cannot be damaged or destroyed. You are safe, here and now.

Old Souls come into this arena of human development with the biggest lessons to learn. A calm sea cannot produce a skilled sailor. It is only by engaging a life path that challenges your own sense of self, that can awaken you from the very core of your being. And when that core of you is revealed, and you connect with your truth at such a fundamental level, then you cannot be distracted by the illusion of the ego’s worry. When your sense of self is anchored in the truth, then you are genuinely free. It is in THAT place, that lasting comfort fills your days. It is that place that holds the garden of peace for you to take comfort in your everyday life. And it is that place that can bring the inspiration to understanding your next steps in your life. To listen to your own Soul from within you now, is to understand where you are in the timeless cycle of life.

A kid in kindergarten has the exact same worth as a student with a PhD. How could you expect a kid in kindergarten to have a PhD? That would not be reasonable. So if your Soul is working out a lesson in the very core of self-identity, how could you compare yourself to anyone else on the planet? A lesson where everything about your life is volatile and chaotic. To society, that kind of a life would be identified as a failure. No sense of accomplishment on which to hang your self-worth. Yet those kinds of fundamental lessons are the ones that create very powerful people.

Trust in where you are in your own journey. Do not fret over what anyone else thinks or does. You are doing quite well, no matter what your life looks like. Our Souls actually choose to go into the darkness. And if you find yourself there, you are on the right track to understanding who you are, and what you are here to learn and do with your life. Trust in the timeless nature of your Soul. Trust in the process of your awakening. You WILL reach the Heaven within you now. There is no other outcome. Trust in your own Divinity. For you are a timeless Soul, living out a human story.

Love and Light,


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