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Enjoying the Ride

Like little kids at a park, our Souls are here in this human form to learn how to enjoy the ride on this beautiful planet Earth. Granted, some of the lessons we have to learn are heavy with emotions and feelings. But nonetheless, there is a common attitude our Souls have toward this human experience. To learn how to overcome any sense of struggle or fear.

Our culture doesn’t always value the idea of playful enjoyment of life. So often, you are not taken seriously unless you are seriously uptight. And play is the cure for the narrow-minded mind. The idea of play has some very powerful side effects to ourselves. Not only with our own health and well-being, but also for our ability to think and create outside the box. The universe is more pliable that perhaps we were taught. Yet it can only reflect that in which we believe and think as our own personal truth. That verse, “come to me as a child” empty of preconceived notions, suggests a playful innocence. Open to what is possible and not so much what has been. Opening up to play is opening us up to inspiration and possibilities. Our culture is shifting out of the caterpillar stage and into the butterfly arena. The dogma of the past won’t apply to the new paradigms we have before us now. Einstein said, “Play is the highest form of research.” And then, “I never made one of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking.” Opening up ourselves literally changes the choices of our own future. New ideas cannot land in a closed mind. When we play without an objective in mind, we become lucid to the possibilities.

Your Soul has a life path planned out for you. Custom-designed for your own enjoyment. But often we cannot open up to receive it fully. Opening up to new ideas and thoughts are the doorways to living a more aligned life. Aligned to our own authentic preferences and desires. There is a sense of ease that settles in when we learn to trust the process of life. When we connect with our Soul. Often we are conditioned to compare our life with the advertising of what our lives “should” look like. What the icons and images of “success” are meant to be. Yet there is no object or person that can give us lasting fulfillment. It is only from within ourselves, that we will find lasting peace. Being comfortable in our own skin is the gift of life itself. To be able to truly accept your own authentic truth, without comparing it to others’ truths, is the lasting freedom that grants a most enjoyable life.

There is a wake we leave when we are in step with our life path. Signs of an authentic human being living in alignment with themselves at the Heart, Soul and ego levels. Taking the time to fulfill a step toward your purpose, and making the choices that you truly prefer, creates a wake of joy. Where your Heart and Soul are fulfilled in that day, by taking steps towards honoring your life purpose. And taking the time to enjoy life. These simple principles can make a world of difference in your life. Bringing more enjoyment of it. Practice enjoying today. So you will be better prepared for enjoying tomorrow too.

Trust in Your path. Enjoy Your preferences. Live YOUR life.

Love and Light,


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