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Your Soul has a river of inspiration for you. An endless storyline of your own unfolding. Can you imagine a life of discovering a deeper and more authentic Vision of your own desires and preferences coming true? Your Soul has you written in as the King/Queen of Your own story. A classic about an infinite BEing re-discovering their own potential. Coming out of the shadows of fear, doubt and struggle and into the truth as a vibrant and radiant BEing of Love, Joy and Fulfilment. The story follows the self-discovery of a most precious BEing of Light who has chosen to forget their own potential. Who as incarnated here on this beautiful planet called Earth. The plot has so many ways it can go. And so many exciting and adventurous plots of never ending discoveries. Discoveries of power, grace and harmony with all of life. Leaving the audience with goosebumps. What a marvellous Life!

So often we can find ourselves negotiating with our life circumstances. Where we are paying our attention to what already is. Our ego’s tend to manage the elements of our life, as they appear now. This is focusing on the past, showing up as the present. Our physical eyes can not see the future. And yet our Soul, has it all layed out in the script of Your life. Yet it is the ego that decides where the attention goes. At least until it can quiet itself. When it learns how to listen to the director within. That director is our Heart and Soul. The cue’s come from within ourselves.

There is a pacing to life. And it is decided by trust. Trust in ourselves. Trust by our ego. For so many of us, the pacing has slowed to a crawl. Where the ego is working hard to keep everything predictable. Predictable and safe. But there is no safety in a static posture. Where the only constant is change itself. The best safety net is to learn to trust yourself. To gain experience following your own inner guidance. Enough experience to engage in the inspiration of the moment. Enough trust to engage in the passion of your own Heart. When that becomes a reflex of sorts, where you engage in the action that brings the inspiration into effect. Not needing any more thought for it to be approved. That is where the pacing quickens.

So often we tend to rationalize the inspiration of our own Heart and Soul. Where the moment we have the inspiration, the very next thought is from our mind. Where we rationalize our inspiration with our past. Comparing the new idea with what has worked in the past. Our ego wants to KNOW what will happen. It wants to be sure it is “safe”. It can avoid the risk of new ideas to ensure it’s own sense of being safe. As such, it compares all new ideas with what has worked in the past. And so often, it all stops right there. Stuck in the logic of our minds.

But you can change all that. You can put your own Heart and Soul in as the new director of your life story. And you can build your ego’s ability to trust the inspiration of your own Heart and Soul. Building this trust automagically brings a new sense of authentic power to your sense of Self. As you learn, through experience, to trust your own inner inspiration then the pacing quickens. There is a genuine sense of excitement from your ego. There is a genuine sense of awe about the vision of your life. There is a moment of discovery that Your passion IS the doorway to your Dreams coming true.

Wow! How bold dare you dream? How big can you live? For you are an infinite BEing incarnate. You are a fearless and limitless Soul personified. And you are living on a planet where the vast majority of humans don’t really understand that. Want to be am amazing river of Joy? What to exude Love, Passion and Purpose? There are no rules to how this can look. Your ego get’s to set it’s preferences in how it all comes about. The more your ego can learn to trust in your life story, the bigger the vision of your life becomes.

You are here to Rock it like you Own it. Because You do!

Love and Light


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