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Does Your Wand Work?

Tapping Your Divine Within

The idea that we are truly powerful, like a Superhero powerful, is a notion that really isn’t embraced by the masses. Yet, the Father and I are One. Or in other words, God and you are one now. You are God. God is the fabric of all that is. The Oneness of the universe. The holographic nature of all of creation. I have been fascinated by the mythology of our superhuman potential.

In the stories our culture, Jesus is probably the most recognized as someone known for creating miracles, such as healing the sick, feeding the masses, walking on water, and raising the dead. And then there are those in our culture now who live on the fringe of our collective awareness. For an example take a look at the book, “The Magus of Java“, written by Kosta Danaos, where he talks about the supernatural power of an authentic Taoist, John Chang. He does things that are beyond what we consider possible, changing matter, and creating fire with his consciousness alone. It is a fun read if you’re looking to stretch your awareness of what is possible in your life.

Then you hear about the stories of a mother who picks up a car to save her child who is trapped underneath. There are hints of this inner power within each of us, a power that exists as the potential of each and every one of us. Since consciousness is holographic, whatever any other human has done exists in the possibility of your life. Perhaps you have seen the movies “Limitless” or “Lucy“. Hollywood touches on this inner power, but does wrap an element of a drug to activate these powers. In truth, no drugs are needed. Those drugs were not in existence when Jesus walked the earth. What are the elements within ourselves that decide what we are capable of creating?

This week we have Dr. Dean Radin on New Human Living Radio where we will be delving into this very subject. I quote a brief excerpt from his bio as follows:

“I describe what the traditional superpowers are and consider if they are merely superstitions or something more. I focus on scientific experiments investigating these abilities, and I conclude that some of the legendary powers are in fact real. This has immense implications for our understanding of human potential, for science, and for society.”

You are the thing itself. The creator (God) incarnate. Clean up your subconscious beliefs that say otherwise. And purify your own heart. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall know God. New Human Living knows the truth of you. We are here to hold the consciousness of your truth until you can embody it on your own, for it is the truth that will set you free.

Love and Light,


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