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Your Karmic Connections

What are you karmically connected to? Karma is a curious thing for me to write about. It seems like karma has not been on peoples’ radar for a very long time. But karma HAS been involved in every single aspect of their lives. If, indeed, human consciousness

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Giant Baby Steps

Awakening the Giant in You Who are You? Why are you here? Where are you going? When we take a look at the common stories in our human history, we can see a trend of a relatively slow personal evolution. When we would go through an entire

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Where Is YOUR Super Hero cape?

The time has come to live your Divine potential The villains have been revealed. The desires for change have been heard. There is a strong yearning for Peace, Justice, Prosperity and a renewed sense of Community. The beginnings of Heaven on Earth. Cue the Super Hero (You!).

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No Attachments Required

You were born with it There is happiness present within you now. You are enlightened now. You are a precious Soul right now … no matter your condition or past. These are inherent attributes that all of us possess. We can lose track of who we think

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