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Can You Relate?

Can You Relate?

We all have relationships in our lives. Some are simple and easy and yet others can be such a challenge.To consider the nature of our relationships can shine a light into our own being, as all relationships mirror ourselves at some level. Oftentimes we will avoid the very relationships that will help us heal. If you are on a quest to discover yourself and your truth, relationships can be a very effective vehicle to help you do just that. But you will need to be able to look at yourself at ever deeper and deeper levels.

Karma is curious when it comes to relationships.Our karma can create a tendency to posture with people and situations in our lives. We can be motivated to posture to keep ourselves feeling “safe”. Yet Hellen Keller pegged it when she said:

Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature,
nor do the children of men
as a whole experience it.
Avoiding danger is no safer
in the long run than outright exposure.
Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.
~ Helen Keller

Our relationships can be very powerful platforms for doing our own inner work. For so many of us, we have Soul contracts with people in our lives to explore the nature of our feelings and beliefs. One of my own Soul contracts was with a former boss. He was a very powerful Soul who had a contract with me to break  me … open. He was basically three things. Malicious. Evil. And my Angel. Yes, my Angel. He turned my life around. Not by heartfelt discussions or open-hearted actions, but rather quite the contrary. He was a very diligent tyrant to me every day for a decade. Pushing me farther and farther into my own subconscious. He cracked me open after I spent two years on a psychiatrist’s couch. He set me on my spiritual path. And I thank him dearly for his excellent maliciousness. He was a perfect prick! What a gift!

When we find ourselves being tormented by the people in our lives, we are being pushed against our own inner karma. Our karmic “teachers” have been attracted to us by the law of attraction. But many will argue that they didn’t ask for the tyrants in their life. Well, not at a conscious level anyway. Oftentimes we will be in a relationship until the intimacy pushes us against our own deeper inner pain or discomfort. And often that is when the tendancy to leave the relationship happens. But that discomfort is a difficult thing to discover on your own. When we are on our own, we tend to avoid anything that would take us so deep into our own personal feelings. Indeed it is the arena of relationships that others mirror for our own inner struggles. It is a gift when others bring our own discomfort into a conscious space. For our subconscious is mostly undetectable when the times are “safe”.

To recognize your own inner feelings and then to delve into them and release them is to be forever free of them … to actually clean up your karma at a very deep level. This is how we learn our karmic lessons. When we acknowledge our deeper feelings and release them, we actually release the energy that attracted the “teachers” to begin with. These are our life lessons. The ones our Soul chose for us. Until you have cleansed the deeper imprints within your own subconscious, you will constantly repeat the patterns of the karma. Thus the very nature of karma is revealed.

In truth, nobody can make you feel good or bad. How you feel is something that happens completely within yourself. Nobody can have ultimate say in how you feel. When I hear people who are engaged to be married say, “They make me so happy”, I cringe. If your spouse is responsible for your happiness, they are automatically responsible for your sadness. In truth, whether you are happy or sad are both choices that only you can make. To hold someone else responsible for how you feel is just cruel. You are not responsible for how others feel. How can you be? That is not your domain. Feelings are an inside job. It can be a very empowering step to take full ownership of your feelings. All of them. When you start to own your feelings more and more, your spiritual growth accelerates. Your ability to clean up your own karma expands. And your personal freedom expands as well. When two people both own their respective feelings, not holding the other responsible for how they feel, then a much deeper connection is formed. The relationship grows. Each person shows up renewed within themselves. This creates new energy that sustains the vitality of the relationship. As both people grow, they both show up renewed.

In truth, the most powerful relationship you can have is with Source. Life Force Energy. Or God. However, you view the source of life itself. For the Kingdom of Heaven is within you now. And it is only your own personal karma that keeps you from discovering your own personal inner Heaven. When you have cleaned out the majority of your karma, you will find your own inner Kingdom of Heaven within You. An ocean of Love that transcends all conditions. When you have forgiven all of your teachers, and you own your thoughts, feelings and actions … then you are truly free.

Trust in your Soul’s intentions for this life. Allow the people in your life to shine a light within you. Reflect on how others make you feel. What is the lesson behind your feelings? Spend the time to understand your feelings and beliefs at ever deeper levels, and You will find an uncommon freedom within you.

Love and Light,


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